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9/18/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 09/18/2023 - 9:38am

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National Security News Content:

1. Ukraine’s Operations in Bakhmut Have Kept Russian Reserves Away from the South
2. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, September 17, 2023
3. New Orleans DA Fights ‘Terrorism’ on Streets With AI Spycraft
4. The spy tactics China are using to shape the world in their favour
5. When did we start making deals with other nations to release Americans? We always did, now we're just being honest about it.
6. China flies 103 military planes toward Taiwan in a new high in activity the island calls harassment
7. In U.S. Visit, Zelensky to Make a Case for More Aid, and Say Thank You
8. Special Operations News - September 18, 2023 | SOF News
9. Anti-drone system that fits in backpack now allows soldiers to hack hostile targets
10. Ukraine's Unwavering Commitment: Personal Insights and the Urgent Need for Continued Support by Frank Helmick
11. Search on for missing Marine Corps F-35 jet after pilot ejects
12. Pentagon orders new interviews on deadly 2021 Afghan airport attack
13. Milley says military is not woke: ‘I’m not even sure what that word truly means’
14. Production of key munition years ahead of schedule, Pentagon says
15. Biden's national security adviser holds two days of talks in Malta with China's foreign minister
16. How two SATCOM companies are responding to Starlink’s dominance
17. Readers react to op-ed on honoring Vietnam War’s most secret warriors
18. Six reasons the Pentagon should retire ‘deterrence by denial’
19. Because I was a woman who served, I was stereotyped by a stranger
20. A veteran started a gun shop. When a struggling soldier asked him to store his firearms – he started saving lives.
21. The paranoia behind China's spy war
22. Co-Opting Clausewitz: Using On War to Explain Success and Failure in the War in Ukraine
23. From Non-Alignment to Realignment
24. Balancing Space Superiority and Space Services to Better Sustain the Joint Force
25. Taiwan’s Path Between Extremes
26. Ukraine Just Dismissed All Its Deputy Defense Ministers – Here’s Why

Korean News Content:

1. Joint Press Statement for the 23rd Korea-U.S. Integrated Defense Dialogue
2. Supporting Human Rights in North Korea
3. Ex-chief of U.S. Space Force warns Pyongyang-Moscow cooperation may give N. Korea 'greater' space capabilities
4. S.Korea to Send 2 Minesweepers to Ukraine
5. Yoon to depart for New York to attend U.N. General Assembly
6. South Korea's Yoon warns against Russia-North Korea military cooperation and plans to discuss at UN
7. North Korea's Kim Jong Un inspects Russian bombers and a warship on a visit to Russia's Far East
8. Ukraine’s Hunger for Howitzers Transforms an Arms Industry
9. Ahead of Kim visit to Russia, N. Hamgyong Province security agents ordered to return weapons to armories
10. Five alleged burglars and murderers publicly executed in Chongjin
11. China’s Wang Yi heads to Russia as North Korea’s Kim wraps up visit
12. <Inside N. Korea>Kim Jong-un orders start of operation to eliminate private medical activities, with a “secret vote” leading to arrests…The state also aims to revive its control over the medical sector
13. High-level defense talks discuss North's growing threats
14. An ‘ideology war’, a double-edged sword
15. National Resistance Center: Russia plans to bring North Korean workers to occupied Ukraine
16. Kim Jong Un's sister Kim Yo Jong travels to Russia in style with $7,000 Dior bag
17. Russia gifts North Korea’s Kim kamikaze drones, bulletproof vest as state visit ends
18. S. Korea to invest $218 mil. to develop improved bunker-buster missile