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9/17/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sun, 09/17/2023 - 11:06am

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National Security News Content:

1. In Risky Hunt for Secrets, U.S. and China Expand Global Spy Operations

2. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, September 16, 2023

3. When I met diplomats, who was spying on who?

4. The Endless Frustration of Chinese Diplomacy

5. Ukraine’s Next Battlefield Foe: Bad Weather

6. Upheavals in Xi's world spread concern about China's diplomacy

7. Is China’s Economic Predicament as Bad as Japan’s? It Could Be Worse

8. America’s Warrior Diplomat, Rahm Emanuel, Takes On China’s Xi Personally

9. Philippines defense chief: ‘Covert’ actions of Chinese workers in country a ‘security risk’

10. How ‘war on terror’ was fought and won in Southeast Asia – for now

11. Long Enlistments, Culture Wars, and Disconnect From the Public: Expert Outlines How the US Military's Recruitment Is Falling Short

12. The long arm of Chinese law is getting longer in Southeast Asia

13. Ukrainian soldier says US-made Bradley fighting vehicles are 'priceless' in nighttime assaults, offering visibility better than in daylight

14. ANALYSIS: How ATACMS Will Help Ukraine

15. Ukraine’s best defense is to decolonize the Russian Federation from within

16. 80 Percent of Russians Consider Their Country To Be 'Great' as Putin Begs North Korea for Weapons

17. China Defense Chief Mystery Adds to Leadership Turbulence

18. Why the US Military Values a PhD in Political Science

Korean News Content:

1. N. Korea's Kim leaves Russia on armored train to return home: Russian media

2. Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un Visits Vladivostok of Russian Federation

3. How China and Russia facilitate North Korea’s human rights abuses

4. Deal or no deal? What we know about the Putin-Kim meeting

5. N. Korea's Kim 'deeply impressed' with Russia's modern aviation technology: KCNA

6. Is Reunification Still Possible? Victor Cha and Ramon Pacheco Pardo on Korea

7. Yoon says N.K.-Russia military cooperation 'illegal, unjust': interview

8. Russia unlikely to provide high-level arms tech to North Korea

9. The public face of China's military under corruption probe

10. Opinion | The Kim-Putin summit highlights Biden’s failed North Korea policy

11. Kim given gift of drones on Russian trip

12. New chapter in trilateral relationship has begun

13. North Korea’s Lazarus Group Has Stolen $240M in Crypto in Just 104 Days: Elliptic

14. Inside The S. Korean Factory That Could Be Key For Ukraine

15.  BTS member Suga to begin military service on Friday

16. President and Mrs. Bush meet with North Korean refugees

17. Alliance of the Weak: Why Russia and North Korea Are Joining Forces