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9/15/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 09/15/2022 - 7:26am

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National Security News Content:


2. Ukraine: CDS Daily brief (14.09.22) CDS comments on key events

3. Exclusive: As war began, Putin rejected a Ukraine peace deal recommended by aide

4. Europe is paying the price for its naivety about Russia, says Finnish PM

5. Army acquisition chief 'not uncomfortable' with US stockpiles, considers multi-year deals

6. Legendary Army Ranger, who fought in three wars, dies at 97

7. The Struggling Arkansas Town That Helped Stop Russia in Its Tracks

8. An Unarmed Putin Wants a Culture War With the West

9. Time Is Running Out to Defend Taiwan

10. Don’t Just Applaud Ukraine’s Counteroffensive. Time to Send More Weapons

11. The Unkept Promises of Western Aid

12. Ukraine War Offers Clues to Future War, Joint Chiefs Chairman Says

13. Ukraine faces ‘tough fight’ even as some Russian forces retreat, says US

14. Ukraine Signals Major Weapons Request for Long-Term Offensive Against Russia

15. Assessment: How the U.S. and Europe Have Aided Ukraine and What Must Be Done

16. WITHOUT YOU (EU versus Disinformation)

17. Why The Russia-Iran Alliance Will Backfire: Whither Iran?

18. Women Still Unable to Break Glass Ceiling of Navy SEAL Qualifications

19.  David Patrikarakos: could Putin now lash out after troops surrender?

20. Senate advances $6.5 billion Taiwan military aid bill

21. Xi and Putin want to create a new world order. Russia's setback in Ukraine could spoil their plans

22. The Vanishing Point of the Laws of War

23. Putin and Xi due to discuss Ukraine and Taiwan

Korean News Content:

​1. United States of America-Republic of Korea Extended Deterrence Strategy and Consultation Group (EDSCG)

2. A more confident and desperate North Korea

3. Britain: Russia 'almost certainly' buying more weapons from Iran, North Korea

4. North Korean Hackers Steal Nearly $1 Billion Worth of Crypto From DeFi Protocols

5. North Korea SNUBBED as Kim Jong-un is banned from the Queen's funeral

6. North Korean cyberespionage actor Lazarus targets energy providers with new malware

7. Yoon to hold first summit with Japan's Kishida next week

8. Vice FM to visit U.S. to help address concerns over Inflation Reduction Act

9. S. Korea still waiting for N. Korea to accept offer of talks on separated families: official

10. U.S. Aircraft Carrier to Stop in Busan Next Week

11. N. Korea may pursue nuclear threat after US midterm election

12. Korea to hold bilateral summits with Japan, U.S. at UN General Assembly

13. [INTERVIEW] 'NK will conduct nuclear test for position of strength in talks'

14. S. Korea, US to craft 'tailored' responses to potential nuclear crises: defense chief

15. Suriname may take legal action against producers of 'Narco-Saints' over unfair portrayal (South Korea)

16. Decrease in workload at Chinese factories is hurting N. Korean laborers

17. 6 Ominous Things You Can Only Experience At DMZ South Korea

18. On this day in history, Sept. 15, 1950, US troops land at Inchon, turning the tide of the Korean War

19. Inchon Landing