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9/14/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 09/14/2023 - 9:16am

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, September 13, 2023
2. The Top Myths about US Aid to Ukraine
3. Pentagon vows to use cyberspace to project power and frustrate US adversaries
4. The Missing Escalation in Ukraine
5. Army pauses retention cash bonuses amid sky-high re-up rate
6. Zelensky’s commandos are crushing their enemy behind the frontline – just like Britain in WWII
7. Zelenskyy heading to New York to court the rest of the world
8. Former generals urge House to approve Ukraine aid as Republican resistance grows
9. Top Army general in the Pacific warns of China’s military threat
10. US military publishes new joint warfighting doctrine
11. China’s Military Spending Is Much Bigger Than We Thought By James Stavridis
12. The Roots of Bad Strategy
13. US military resumes counterterrorism missions out of Niger bases
14. Japan gets new defense minister
15. China Conducts Major Military Exercises in Western Pacific
16. Opinion | No, it’s not weak for U.S. officials to visit China
17. Beijing says it uncovered US National Security Agency operatives behind cyberattack on Chinese university
18. Taiwan Fires Back after Elon Musk Calls It ‘Integral Part of China’
19. The world of Le Carré is gone — and spycraft is changing fast
20. The draft ended fifty years ago. Can the all-volunteer force survive another fifty?
21. Making Nuclear Sharing Credible Again: What the F-35A Means for NATO
22. Every Taiwan Citizen a Resistance Member: Preparing for a Chinese Occupation
23. Solving for the Missing Element of Maritime Campaigning

Korean News Content:

1. Kim invites Putin to N. Korea; Putin accepts: state media
2. N. Korean leader's train apparently en route to Russia's Khabarovsk after summit with Putin
3. Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin Meet at Russia’s Main Spaceport
4. S. Korea closely monitoring possible joint military drills between N. Korea, Russia
5. Kim-Putin summit highlights strategic push to expand cooperation
6. Unification minister voices 'deep' concerns about possible N. Korea-Russia arms deal
7. South Korea cleared to buy $5B worth of F-35s - Breaking Defense
8. History Turns Upside Down in a War Where the Koreas Are Suppliers
9. Analysis | Kim Jong Un’s visit to Russia hints at grim battlefield math for Putin
10.The Grim Endgame of Putin and Kim Jong Un’s New Lovefest
11. Putin Hints at Satellite Technology Support for N.Korea
12. Russia Must Pay the Price If It Sells Arms Technology to N.Korea
13. N. Korean consumer of S. Korean film bribes his way out of punishment
14. Putin 'gratefully accepted' Kim's invitation to visit North Korea: Kremlin
15. Russia and N. Korea make bold announcement to ignore UN sanctions
16. [ANALYSIS] Kim-Putin summit signals 'new normal' of N. Korea-Russia relations
17. [INTERVIEW] Seoul should play delicate balancing act in diplomacy with China, Russia as new Cold War dawns
18. PacNet #72 - How to build US-Japan-ROK trilateral cooperation on Taiwan - Pacific Forum