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9/13/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 09/13/2022 - 5:45am

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National Security News Content:


2. Ukraine: CDS Daily brief (12.09.22) CDS comments on key events

3. The Ukraine war has reached a turning point

4. Putin Is Trying to Turn Ukraine Into a Culture War

5. Amid Ukraine’s startling gains, liberated villages describe Russian troops dropping rifles and fleeing

6. Ukraine Stands, Fights, and Wins

7. As Ukraine Pushes Forward, U.S. Officials Give Update

8. Putin Has a New Opposition—and It’s Furious at Defeat in Ukraine

9. A turning point in Ukraine leads to a turning point in Russia: Longtime Kremlin supporters are now calling the war a ‘disaster’

10. Ukraine, rushing into 'digital transformation,' prepares for more Russian cyber attacks: Officials

11. Why Non-Alignment Is Dead and Won’t Return

12. US struggles to mobilise its Asian ‘Chip 4’ alliance

13. Russian troops "failed to organize coherent retreat," abandoned tanks: ISW

14. Ukraine's Big Offensive Against Russia: Designed by U.S. Special Forces?

15.  The truth will catch up to Putin

16. US leaders avoid victory dance in Ukraine combat advances

17. What Does the Weaponization of Global Finance Mean for U.S. Dollar Dominance?

18. Is Afghanistan's Long Civil War Really Over?

Korean News Content:

1. Kim Jong Un Is Putin’s and Xi’s New Best Friend

2. New attendant who closely serves Kim garners attention

3. N. Korea continuing to run uranium enrichment facility at Yongbyon site: IAEA

4. Korea: shrimp or safety valve between US, China?

5.  Worrying aspects of Inflation Reduction Act (Korean Perspective)

6. Nearly 10 million COVID-19 vaccines may be discarded in Korea

7. China’s reaction to North Korea’s nuclear weapons first-use law tipped to be muted

8. North Korea reinstates mask mandate one month after declaring victory over COVID

9. New Normal and New Challenges to the ROK-U.S. Alliance

10.  S. Korea's COVID-19 cases bounce back to over 50,000; KDCA warns 'twindemic' risks

11.  S. Korea warns N. Korea's nuclear use would lead to regime's 'self-destruction'

12. N. Korea calls for strengthened cooperation among developing countries

13. IAEA's Grossi raises alarm over North's nuclear activities

14. Kaspersky uncovers details about active cyber-espionage campaign