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9/12/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 09/12/2023 - 9:36am

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National Security News Content:

1. Strengthening the Profession: A Call to All Army Leaders to Revitalize Our Professional Discourse
2. Politicization and Pop Culture: How Public Perception of Special Operations Units Intersects with Civil-Military Relations
3. China Sows Disinformation About Hawaii Fires Using New Techniques
4. Beware the False Prophets of War
5. A Facebook Post on Coach Deion Sanders and Character and Leadership
6. Lithium deposit found in US may be among world’s largest, study finds
7. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, September 11, 2023
8. Inflection Point: How to Reverse the Erosion of U.S. and Allied Military Power and Influence
9. It's Google versus the US in the biggest antitrust trial in decades
10. Death penalty upheld for soldier who killed 13 in base shooting
11. How the ‘nuclear football’ remains a potent symbol of the unthinkable
12. Republican Bill with Massive Boost to Junior Enlisted Pay Sparks Veto Threat from Biden
13. The Power of Solid Alliances for Good
14. Biden inches toward decision on long-range missiles as Ukraine ups pressure
15. Replicator: How America Plans to Take on the China Military Challenge
16. DOJ to ‘Surge’ Resources at Corporate Crimes With National Security Implications
17. 9/11 at 22: From 'We Will Never Forget' to 'We’ll Never Learn'
18. Elon Musk's refusal to have Starlink support Ukraine attack in Crimea raises questions for Pentagon
19. Morocco’s reluctance to accept quake aid baffles foreign governments
20.  Putin Calls Trump Charges Political ‘Persecution’
21. DoD Enters Agreement to Expand Domestic Lithium Mining for U.S. Battery Supply Chains
22. Ukraine's Fight on the Front Lines of the Information Environment

Korean News Content:

1.  N. Korea's Kim heads to Russia for summit with Putin as concerns grow over military cooperation
2. White House urges N. Korea not to provide weapons to Russia
3. N. Korea's Kim arrives in Russia for rare summit with Putin
4. North Korea’s Kim is in Russia to meet Putin, as both are locked in standoffs with the West
5. The Power of Solid Alliances for Good
6. Kim Jong Un Travels to Russia, His Bulletproof Train Spotted Ahead of Putin Meeting
7. Can North Korea’s ammunition offer Russia support in Ukraine war?
8. A timeline of the complicated relations between Russia and North Korea
9. Kim-Putin’s Vladivostok bromance may risk global security, from Europe to Asia
10. Kim Jong Un arrives in Russia to meet Putin amid economy, security concerns
11. Kim's entourage suggests military focus for Putin summit
12. Don't sidestep human rights in North, UN rapporteur urges
13. Korea's independence heritage agency poised to launch anti-Japan campaign
14. N. Korean state security officer shot by female detainee with his own gun
15. North Korea’s Coming Breakout
16. Opposition leader set to appear for questioning over suspected illegal remittance to N. Korea
17. Activists take new approach to stop China from sending back N. Koreans