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9/1/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 09/01/2022 - 10:38am

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National Security News Content:


2. Secret American Special Operations Mission Rescued A Hostage In Africa This Week

3. U.N. Says China May Have Committed ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ in Xinjiang

4. China rejects UN report on Uyghur rights abuses in Xinjiang

5. History's bookends: Putin reversed many Gorbachev reforms

6. China locks down 21 million in Chengdu in COVID-19 outbreak

7. US war-gamed with Ukraine ahead of counteroffensive and encouraged more limited mission

8. Ukrainian Soldiers Say They Are Advancing in the South, but at a Cost

9. Guerrilla Warfare: Ukraine's Partisans are Taking the War to Russia

10. Taiwan Crisis: Taiwan Shoots Down Unidentified Drone

11. The Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant Is Kindling for World War III

12. A Draft for Russia’s Army? Putin Opts for Domestic Stability Instead.

13. Reported sexual assaults across US military increase by 13%

14. Illia Ponomarenko: Stop whining about the war in Ukraine

15. Ukrainian military launches offensive to retake territory from Russia

16.  BRICS president: Russia and India have no need for the U.S. dollar

17. Why Washington should provide ATACMS weapons to Ukraine

18. Faces of Kremlin Propaganda: Margarita Simonyan 

19. Russian Anarchists Are Sabotaging Railways To Stop Putin’s War on Ukraine

20. UN inspectors arrive at Ukraine nuclear plant after shelling causes delay

21. Taiwan shoots down drone for first time off Chinese coast

22. How American Lawyers and Accountants Help Fuel the War in Ukraine

23. FDD | Clashes Erupt in Iraq in Response to Sadr’s Resignation

24. Pelosi showing up in Taiwan is not enough

25. China's psychological war for Taiwan

26. Going Viral: Preparing Ground Forces for Combat in the Information Age

Korean News Content:

1. S. Korean, US troops to end two-week combined exercise

2. Poland eyes SKorean rocket launchers amid HIMARS talks with the US

3. U.S. promises to look into Inflation Reduction Act impact on Korean carmakers: Seoul official

4. U.N. rapporteur urges efforts to address human rights problem of N. Korean women

5. Two cheers for the three nos

6. Enmity between Koreans and Japanese recedes

7. Joint military drills important for security on Korean Peninsula: Pentagon

8. USFK deploys advanced Gray Eagle drones

9. Yoon government has last opportunity for North Korea's denuclearization: experts

10. The Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant Is Kindling for World War III

11. S. Korea: China, Russia hold key to North's denuclearization

12. North Korea's COVID restrictions intensify human rights violations - U.N.

13. Normalizing US-North Korea Ties Before Denuclearization Seen as Unrealistic

14. South Korean Cybersecurity Experts Play Cat-and-Mouse With the North’s Hackers

15. North Korean parents fear their children will serve in army’s construction detail

16. US and South Korean forces hold first live-fire exercises since new unit formed

17. Residents complain of noise, danger as U.S. troops practice in S.Korea