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9/10/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sun, 09/10/2023 - 10:38am

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, September 9, 2023
2. FBI Director Wray issues warning about number of Russian spies in the US
3. Analyzing Effective Strategies: ASEAN Countries Confronting the CCP in the Face of Rising Geopolitical Tensions
4. Memorandum of Understanding on the Principles of an India – Middle East – Europe Economic Corridor
5. Biden opens Vietnam visit by saying the two countries are 'critical partners' at a 'critical time'
6. FACT SHEET: President Biden and Prime Minister Modi Host Leaders on the Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment
7. FACT SHEET: World Leaders Launch a Landmark India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor
8.  Xi’s Tight Control Hampers Stronger Response to China’s Slowdown
9. The Technology Facebook and Google Didn’t Dare Release
10. 30 fighting days left for Ukraine’s offensive - US Army chief
11. China may never become the world's biggest economy and has thrown out its old playbook, Mohamed El-Erian says
12. US, Canada sail warships through the Taiwan Strait in a challenge to China
13. China blindsided by historic challenge to Belt and Road project at G20
14. Diamonds, girlfriends, illicit lobbying: The fall of a former ambassador
15. Vietnam Chases Secret Russian Arms Deal, Even as It Deepens U.S. Ties
16. Vietnam Is a Partner, Not an Ally Against China
17. Irregular Warfare, Who has Ownership and Expertise within the U.S. Government?
18. CIA seeks to recruit Russian officials with video about truth
19. 'I have a lot of regrets': Exclusive interview with top general who oversaw Afghanistan withdrawal
20. Three Navy SEAL commanders face charges in Hell Week death
21. OPINION: North Korean Support Will Only Extend Putin’s War Against Ukraine
22. The era of Chinese growth is over. Like Germany in 1914, war could follow
23. Twenty-two years after 9/11: 3 lessons we need to teach about courage, unity and resilience
24. ‘Traitors Have Been Liquidated’ – How Ukraine’s Partisans Have Been Sabotaging Russia’s Sham Elections
25. Uncertainty at the top blurs Marine Corps’ work on 2025 budget

Korean News Content:

1. The rationality of North Korea
2. Kim Jong Un hosts Chinese and Russian guests at a parade celebrating North Korea's 75th anniversary
3. N. Korea's Kim touts patriotism on key anniversary
4. No word on N. Korean leader's possible visit as Russia kicks off economic forum
5. Yoon, Japan's Kishida agree to work toward S. Korea-Japan-China summit
6. Harris: N. Korea would 'pay a price' for supplying Russia with weapons
7. North Korea Debuts Rocket Launchers That Appear As Civilian Trucks
8.  North Korea's New Missile Submarine It Not 'Capable of Normal Operation'
9. Kim Jong Un and his daughter celebrate North Korea's 75th anniversary. Xi and Putin send their regards
10. Yoon pledges $2.3 billion to Ukraine for war recovery at G20
11. Korea, India to boost economic ties by improving free trade agreement
12. The Japan-ROK-U.S. Summit: Destructive Trilateral Military Alliance. “Expressway to the East-West War”