Small Wars Journal

9/10/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sat, 09/10/2022 - 12:07pm

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National Security News Content:

1. Navy Orders High-Level Outside Investigation of SEAL Course

2. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, September 9 (Putin's War)

3. Ukraine: CDS Daily brief (09.09.22) CDS comments on key events

4. All Warfare Is Based on Deception—Troops, Vets Targeted by Disinformation Can Fight Back

5. Ukraine: The Counter-Offensive - Lawyers, Guns & Money

6. Why the Russian Military Brutalizes Ukraine

7. What Ukraine drone videos tell us about the future of war

8. How the US monkeypox response failed to learn COVID’s lessons

9. In Major Advance, Ukraine Drives Russians Out of Key Eastern City

10. Ukraine claws back some territory; nuclear plant in peril

11. Does Iran have a secret plutonium bomb program?

12. Taiwan Strait Crisis Strengthens US Resolve to Support Taiwan, Counter China

13. 10 Fascinating CIA Missions - CIA

14. The Queen’s Diplomacy

15. Ukrainian Forces Take Key City, Igniting New Phase in War

16. Russia confirms big retreat near Kharkiv as Ukraine offensive advances

17. The Hypnotist in the Kremlin

18. U.S. Military Aid to Ukraine Grows to Historic Proportions — Along With Risks

19. Who will win the ammunition war in Ukraine? Russia is buying shells from North Korea; the U.S. is burning through its stockpile of weapons.

20. ​​Why the U.S. Is Being Ominously Compared to Hungary and Turkey

21. Air Force Special Ops Testing Amphibious MC-130

22. Rules of Civility in a Sometimes-Uncivilized World — SMERCONISH

23. Jamie Lynn Spears Competing In Celebrity Special Forces Training Reality Show

Korean News Content:

1.  Johns Batchelor Show: 1/2: #ROK: #DPRK: Information campaign to free the North Koreas and unite the peninsula. David Maxwell, FDD

2. N. Korea unresponsive to U.N. query on enforced disappearance cases: report

3. S. Korea's new COVID-19 cases hit 8-week low for Saturday amid Chuseok

4. Highways nationwide clogged both ways on 2nd day of Chuseok holiday

5. [WHY] Korea's first world problem: Is the mart open?

6. It’s time to play the long game (South Korea - between the US and PRC)

7. Tightening the Screws: Kim Jong Un’s Clampdown on “Capitalist Tendencies”

8. Preparing for geopolitical typhoon (ROK)

9. Yoon visits Seoul military unit on Chuseok to encourage soldiers

10. North Korea Says It Will Never Give Up Nuclear Weapons: What 10 Experts Told Us

11. N. Korea’s currency continues to strengthen against the Chinese yuan

12. With New Law on Nuclear Forces Policy, North Korea Says Its Nuclear Status Is ‘Irreversible​'



Sat, 12/10/2022 - 1:23am

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