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8/9/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 08/09/2023 - 8:43am

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, August 8, 2023
2. Special Operations News Update - August 8, 2023 | SOF News
3. Opinion | War is hell. To this, Russia has added torture.
4. Wagner set the stage for 'quite real' move that could spark major crisis in NATO
5. Tucson’s A-10s headed to final destination as Davis-Monthan lands new special ops mission
6. Pro-China 'political elite' in the Philippines enables Chinese aggression in WPS — expert
7. Tuesday Briefing: Elite Chinese Generals Ousted
8. Here’s How Scared of China You Should Be
9. What DOD can learn about smarter innovation from a roll of toilet paper
10. Army aims to make 1 million artillery shells a year, starting in fiscal 2025
11. Long-Distance Resistance - China Media Project
12. US Navy sailor's mom encouraged him to pass military details to China, prosecutor says
13. The Ukraine War Has Found the Machinery of Western Governments Wanting
14. U.S.-Made Cluster Munitions Fuel Ukrainian Counteroffensive
15. US Army plans to grow Patriot missile defense force
16. A Missile Strikes the Heart of a Ukrainian City — and Then Another
17. Biden says he plans to travel to Vietnam 'shortly'
18. The Problem with Designating the Wagner Group as a Terrorist Organization
19. Taiwan’s Vast Surveillance Infrastructure: An Achilles’ Heel if China Invades
20. Biden to Restrict Investments in China, Citing National Security Threats
21. ‘Acceptable levels of risk’: Backing Ukraine won’t deplete U.S. arsenal, Milley says
22. Pentagon Is Keeping US Troops in Niger Even as Coup Leaders Show No Sign of Relenting
23. Modern 'triad' aims to fill capability gap, help US military compete with adversaries (Space, Cyber, and SOF)
24. 7 Things the New Sergeant Major of the Army Can Do to Restore Trust in the Military
25. Why the China cyber threat demands an airtight public-private response
26. One of America’s Favorite Generals Leads the Niger Coup
27. Opinion | Putin chokes on the Ukrainian ‘porcupine’

Korean News Content:

1. Shared Goals, Divergent Paths: US-South Korea-Japan Relations – Analysis
2. U.S. will continue to impose all existing sanctions on N. Korea: state
3. Hacks aimed at financial industry spiking, North Korea most aggressive, cyber firm says
4. CoinsPaid Accuses North Korean Hackers Of Phony Job Interview To Steal $37 Million
5. Lessons of a $37M Attack: How a Ukrainian Payment Processor Was Hacked
6. Op-ed: It’s time to end the Korean War — the longest in US history
7. Seventy Years After Korean War: Glimpse Of Untold Story – OpEd
8. Comrades in Arms? - North Korea Compromises Sanctioned Russian Missile Engineering Company
9. N. Korea vows to launch satellites at any time
10. N. Korea, Russia defend Moscow's war with Ukraine during showing of film over Nazi trials
11. Facing Down an Arsenal: Considering Agile Combat Employment in Korea
12. Ep. 39 Shin-wha Lee: Understanding Seoul's DPRK Policy - Interconnection between Human Rights and Denuclearization
13. UN office faults Korea for inviting Myanmar envoy to arms event
14. Blue House cut Foreign Ministry out of Thaad talks: Diplomatic sources
15. CTBTO chief urges N. Korea to take 'small step' in nuclear test moratorium
16. N. Korea wants Russian technical assistance to further nuclear program
17. Two N. Korean street sellers talk about challenges they face
18. How a secret plot to assassinate North Korea’s leader spiraled out of control