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8/7/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 08/07/2023 - 6:46am

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, August 6, 2023
2. Americans grow tired of sending money to Ukraine
3. Putin’s Forever War
4. U.S. companies are buying less from China as relations remain tense
5. Former British Special Forces Instructor Now Training Ex-Soldiers How to Fight in Ukraine
6. Opinion: Giving the US Credit Where Credit Is Due
7. A key U.S. ally wants to walk back its 'atrocious' embrace of China
8. Why the Populist Right Hates Universities
9. Why Ukrainian Soldiers Have to Learn to Fight on YouTube and How to Change That
10. Delivering the Army of 2030
11. An Enduring Coalition to Protect Ukraine
12.  Election Interference Demands a Collective Defense
13. Alabama readies for battle over Space Command HQ
14. Senate forces Biden into personnel standstill ahead of 2024
15. As climate change worsens, military eyes base of the future on Gulf Coast
16. We Have Enough Old Colonels Running Around
17. Russia and China Sent Large Naval Patrol Near Alaska
18. Woman detained in connection to plot to assassinate Zelensky, Ukraine security service says
19. China TV Documentary Showcases Army's Ability to Attack Taiwan
20. The world's most powerful navies in 2023, ranked
21. Rapid Dragon: the US military game-changer that could affect conventional and nuclear strategy and arms control negotiations
22. Ukraine Wants to Be European. Russia Wants to Be North Korean

Korean News Content:

1. Russia ally Kim Jong-un demands more North Korean weapons output
2. [Interview] “If North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is not stupid, he will not fight a strong man”
3. Why Some Koreans Want Nuclear Weapons
4. North Korea's Kim Jong Un Vows to Boost War Readiness Amid Tensions
5. Permanent Mission of North Korea to U.N. Defends Pyongyang's Nuclear Weapons as Sovereign Right
6. Yoon's approval inches up for 2nd consecutive week
7. Police search Jeju Int'l Airport after online bomb threat
8. Kimchi exports up 20 percent in H1 on robust demand from US, EU
9. Why are over 70% of North Korean defectors female?
10. Frustration and Questions Swirl for Family of Soldier Who Ran into North Korea
11. North Korea calls itself a ‘responsible nuclear power’
12. S. Korea's top general visits key Air Force, Navy, Marine units to check readiness
13. In a Taiwan war Seoul’s problem won’t be Pyongyang
14. N. Korean leader's visits to arms factories apparently had 'multiple' purposes: Seoul
15. 350 Korean language schools to be set up overseas by 2027
16. North Korea's arms exports to Russia likely to increase: analysts
17. Rare Russian VIP Jet in North Korea Spurs Arms Deal Concern