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8/7/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sun, 08/07/2022 - 12:04pm

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National Security News Content:


2. China launches long-range airstrike drills around Taiwan on fourth day of military exercises

3. After China’s Military Spectacle, Options Narrow for Winning Over Taiwan

4. China’s Taiwan Saber-Rattling Is the New Normal

5. Why Superpower Crises Are a Good Thing

6. After raging at US and Japan over Pelosi's Taiwan visit, China faces dilemma

7. Russian men, dying in war, leave many families sad, angry and silent

8. A U.S. Return to Guadalcanal, in Another Tense Historical Moment

9. White House summons Chinese ambassador amid military exercises, diplomatic retaliation for Pelosi Taiwan visit

10. The Provocative Politics of Nancy Pelosi’s Trip to Taiwan

11. Making Sense of the Nepal Army’s Engagement With Big Powers

12. ‘There’s no path out of economic oblivion for Russia’: New report reveals how corporate exodus has already wiped out decades of post–Cold War growth

13. Tracking the Fourth Taiwan Strait Crisis

14.  ‘Putin’s Chef’ Is Personally Touring Russian Prisons for Wagner Recruits to Fight in Ukraine, Reports Say

15. Can Russia Divide Europe?

16. U.S. SOCOM hosts change of responsibility and retirement ceremony for its top enlisted leader

17. ‘Absolute evil’: inside the Russian prison camp where dozens of Ukrainians burned to death

18. Russia’s co-opting of US political groups is serious business

19. Blinken commits U.S. to defending Philippines against armed attacks

20. Corruption is sending shock waves through China's chipmaking industry

21. Opinion | Even from prison I can see opposition to Putin’s war growing

22. ‘America’s Philosopher’ Review: The Key to John Locke

23. Ex-Time reporter: The day I knew journalism had died in America

24. Another Way to Help Taiwan—and America

25. As English Goes, So Goes the U.S.

Korean News Content:

1. Korea says ‘no promise was made’ to China’s policy claim

2. N. Korea has selected workers to be dispatched to eastern Ukraine

3. South Korea’s Presidential Snub of Pelosi Was an Unforced Blunder

4. Two different victories after Pelosi’s trip

5. South Korea, US to hold talks next week on deterrence against North Korea

6. North Korea says Yoon’s ‘audacious plan’ is rehashed ‘waste’

7. 150 front-line Army commandoes to conduct joint training at US Army's National Training Center

8. Does the South Korean Ministry of Gender Equality Need to Be Abolished?

9. Ahead of U.S. midterm, Attention is Being Focused on the Appointment of Special Human Rights Envoy to North Korea

10. North Korea's triple economic woes stoke fears of 'silent' famine

11. Will North Korea sell its nuclear technology?

12. Ukraine Situation Report: Army Of North Korean ‘Volunteers’ Said To Be Ready To Help Russia