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8/6/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sun, 08/06/2023 - 11:52am

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, August 5, 2023
2. A Global Web of Chinese Propaganda Leads to a U.S. Tech Mogul
3. Analysis: China’s Military Influence in Africa Grows as Russia’s Diminishes
4. Beijing airs documentary showing China army's prep for Taiwan attack: Report
5. What a counter-drone system says about US aid to Ukraine
6. As War Grinds On, It Expands Beyond Old Battlefields
7. U.S. Support for the Philippines in the South China Sea
8. What to make of a surprise shake-up in China’s nuclear force
9. USAF Will Retire the U-2 in 2026. Until Then, Expect ‘Unique, Innovative’ Uses
10. Sweden is now much more capitalist than US
11. Western Diplomats Need to Stop Whining About Ukraine
12. Ukraine’s elite forces rely on technology to strike behind enemy lines
13. How the Strong Commandant System Caught Up with the Marine Corps
14. Putin's other battle… for influence in Africa: How Kremlin's shady meddling is bearing fruit
15. The cloud, fiber optics and hiding in basements: Army races to adapt to new command post threats
16. Will China Embrace Nuclear Brinkmanship as It Reaches Nuclear Parity?
17. Tomb Guard Braves Storm

Korean News Content:

1. Imitation Is the Sincerest Form: North Korea Unveils Two Types of Copycat UAVs
2. SOF Pic of the Day: 1st Special Forces Group Conducting Counter Weapons of Mass Destruction Training in Korea
3. The Demise of Diplomatic Ambiguity: Parsing South Korea’s Estrangement From China
4. N. Korean leader inspects major weapons factories: state media
5. U.S. contingent at jamboree in S. Korea departs for American military base in Pyeongtaek
6. Gov't scrambles to keep World Scout Jamboree going
7. What North Korea's counterpunches can't hide
8. Time to seek peace through diplomacy and dialogue
9. Five Korean War 'Firsts' Had Lasting Impacts
10. ‘A Tour Guide’ Examines The Fate Of One North Korean Defector