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8/5/2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 08/05/2021 - 9:41am

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National Security News Content:

1. Exercise in the Caucasus returns Green Berets to resistance roots
2. The U.S. Won Afghanistan Before Losing It
3. Japan ups the ante against China, plans to deploy nukes near Taiwan next year
4. The Porcupine in No Man’s Sea: Arming Taiwan for Sea Denial
5. Buoyed by rising nationalism, China’s keyboard warriors take aim at Olympic athletes
6. How a fake network pushes pro-China propaganda
7. ISIS remains a persistent 'low-level' threat in Iraq and Syria, US report says
8. Sailor accused of starting USS Bonhomme Richard fire identified in warrant
9. Help, Not Just Hunt, Violent Extremists in the Military
10. U.S. Airstrikes in Afghanistan Could Be a Sign of What Comes Next
11.  Would a 'neighborhood watch' really deter China's Asia-Pacific aggression?
12. First Taiwan Arms Sale in Biden Administration Is Approved
13. ‘A Poison in the System’: The Epidemic of Military Sexual Assault
14.  The long game: China’s grand strategy to displace American order
15. How the Creative Class Broke America
16. How China Helps the Cuban Regime Stay Afloat and Shut Down Protests
17. China clamps down as Covid surges far and wide
18. US weighs the cost of Indo-Pacific readiness
19. Enduring Struggle: Why USAID Plays a Critical Role in the National Security Realm
20. India Deploys Warships in South China Sea as Part of 'Act East' Policy
21. The British are coming! UK carrier strike group arriving on Guam this week
22. Sanitizing Censorship: The Twitter-AP-Reuters News Partnership

Korean News Content

1.  Calls for delaying allied military drills gain traction inside ruling party
2. A Policy of Public Diplomacy with North Korea [Report Launch]
3. Diplomats of S. Korea, U.S. discuss resumption of dialogue with N. Korea
4. Cheong Wa Dae repudiates NIS chief’s claim on hotline restoration
5. Chinese imports of refined oil may have led to falling oil prices in North Korea
6. DP reps want drill with U.S. postponed
7. North Korea supplies second round of provisions to families facing food shortages
8. Former Korean ambassador to Somalia tells the real story of Mogadishu
9. Kowtowing to Kim Yo-jong
10. North Korean border patrol cadre arrested for abetting remittances from overseas
11. Strong U.S.-Korea alliance enables diplomatic engagement with N. Korea: Adm. Aquilino
12. Blinken reaffirms U.S. commitment to denuclearization of Korean Peninsula
13. S. Korea, U.S. agree to expand cybersecurity cooperation
14. Tracing Freedom to a Pair of Jeans (north Korea)
15. Don't Give North Korea Sanctions Relief for Just Talking
16.  N. Korea puts major rice-producing areas on high alert against flooding
17. 272 members of Cheonghae unit presumed to have contracted delta variant: authorities
18.  20 USFK-affiliated people test positive for COVID-19
19.  Why Kim may be re-emphasizing guerrilla warfare