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8/31/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 08/31/2023 - 9:58am

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, August 30, 2023
2. Ukraine’s Elite Snipers Fight Russians, Bullet by Bullet
3. US OKs military aid to Taiwan under program usually reserved for sovereign nations
4. Pentagon's global train and equip projects plagued by delays, unreliable equipment: GAO
5. How Ukraine Can Win a Long War  by Mick Ryan
6. The time is right to honor the Vietnam War’s most secret warriors by Paris D. Davis
7. Beyond Joint: The Need for an Interests-Centric Approach to Integrated Campaigning
8. 'Largest conundrum of them all': Air Force still unsure how to keep forces supplied in Indo-Pacific
9. Policy Paper: Afghan Allies Out of War
10. Move Soldiers Less: A Divisional System in the U.S. Army
11. New Outbound Investment Rules Can Help Strengthen American Economic Security
12. Japan’s Defense Ministry seeks record $52.9 billion for 2nd year of military buildup
13. Ukrainian Counteroffensive Pierces Main Russian Defensive Line in Southeast
14. Goldman Sachs bought US firms with Chinese state cash in $2.5 BILLION 'partnership fund'
15. FBI Hoovering Up DNA at a Pace That Rivals China, Holds 21 Million Samples and Counting
16. There’s a Vast Source of Clean Energy Beneath Our Feet. And a Race to Tap It.
17. Opinion | The Chinese economy is doing better than you might think
18. The Complicated Legacy of Jean Larteguy’s “The Centurions” and America’s Post-9/11 Wars
19. Supporting Ukraine and the price of American leadership
20. Ukraine’s Valley Forge Moment
21. Statement by Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III Marking Two Years Since the End of the Afghanistan War
22. A Russian Defector Flew a Chopper Full of Jet Fighter Parts to Ukraine. That's Major.
23. A Clash of Worldviews – The United States and China Have Reached an Ideological Impasse
24. America’s In Much Better Shape (at Home and Abroad) Than You Probably Think
25. US Transits as Part of Taiwan’s Gray Zone Diplomacy

Korean News Content:

1. The Camp David Summit Was a Success But Challenges Remain on China and North Korea
2. N. Korea fires 2 short-range ballistic missiles into East Sea: S. Korean military
3. N. Korea in active negotiations with Russia for arms deal: White House
4. N. Korea conducts military command drills in response to S. Korea-U.S. joint exercise
5. N. Korea to hold key parliamentary meeting on Sept. 26
6. Korea Military Academy to relocate bust of independence fighter amid debate over purported communist ties
7. Mearsheimer: North Korean nukes a ‘force for stability’ on Korean Peninsula
8. Deterrence is not enough in Northeast Asia
9. Russia and North Korea 'actively advancing' in arms deal negotiations, says US
10. An unsmiling Kim: North Korea’s media step up their game
11. Threats in Western Pacific Drawing South Korea, Japan Closer Together, Experts Say
12. Takeaways from the Camp David Summit • Stimson Center
13. AI in the Shadows: North Korea's Cyber Strategy and Our Data Privacy
14. Why Does China Claim that North Korea’s Provocations are “Legitimate Security Concerns?”
15. North Korea Conducts Tactical Nuclear-Strike Drill Amid U.S.-South Korean Military Exercises
16. Japan, S Korea, US closer but not close enough
17. Obscure new group offers $5M bounty for ‘critical info’ on North Korea
18. Behind the scenes of Kim Jong Un’s lavish banquet at elite Pyongyang resort