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8/26/2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 08/26/2021 - 9:39am

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National Security News Content:

1. The Media Manufactured Biden’s Political ‘Fiasco’ in Afghanistan
2. Winning Ugly: What the War on Terror Cost America
3. Mission Afghanistan: Advice for A US Special Operations Unit (2009)
4. Masters and Commanders: Are Civil-Military Relations in Crisis?
5. $6,500 on a charter plane to escape from Afghan hell
6. CIA, U.S. Troops Conduct Missions Outside Kabul Airport to Extract Americans, Afghan Allies
7. U.S. Still Searching for Americans in Afghanistan as Deadline Closes In
8. Three Aircraft Carriers. Dozens Of Stealth Fighters. A Powerful Allied Battle Group Has Gathered Near China.
9. All Rapport, No Results: What Afghanistan’s Collapse Reveals About the Flaws in US Security Force Assistance
10. Rejecting Covid Inquiry, China Peddles Conspiracy Theories Blaming the U.S.
11. Opinion | ‘Anyone Got Any Helos Sitting Around?’: How a Private Network Is Using a Messaging App to Rescue Afghans
12. The Right Way to Structure Cyber Diplomacy
13. Breaking: Female college student first to graduate from Army's 'toughest' special operations course
14. The 2 lawmakers who secretly went to Kabul said there is 'no way we can get everyone out' by Aug. 31 and the only way to work with the Taliban is leave on time
15. Fix JPME? Look to the Carlisle Scholars Method
16. Spies for Hire: China’s New Breed of Hackers Blends Espionage and Entrepreneurship
17. How exile changed the Taliban
18. U.S. Says 1,500 Americans Remain in Afghanistan as Evacuation Enters Final Days
19. Where the U.S. is taking Afghans evacuated from Kabul
20. Opinion | Biden made the hard choice in Afghanistan, and the right one
21. How China's ultra-loyal web army can silence Beijing's critics
22. Italian military plane fired at as it left Kabul airport - defence source
23. Taliban take over some U.N. premises, curb movement -U.N. report

Korean News Content:

1. N.K. propaganda outlet denounces S. Korea-U.S. military drill as 'playing with fire'
2. N.K. paper urges military's absolute obedience to ruling party on Army-First Day
3. Afghans airlifted to Korea to be granted long-term visas
4. Korea, US set to wrap up summertime combined exercise
5. N. Korea to convene parliament as economic woes cause strain
6. U.S. Envoy Calls for Bilateral Talks with North Korea
7. U.S. Relations With the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea - United States Department of State
8. US approves $258 million arms sale to South Korea
9. Seoul could be a better ally to Washington
10. 'Fake news’ bill faces global criticism for ‘gagging press’
11. 'We will never forget' (Hungnam, north Korea evacuation)
12. The Afghanistan Collapse: How Does North Korea See It?
13. Proposed media act revision won't apply to foreign news organizations: ministry
14. Inside North Korea: its people at work, rest and play – in pictures