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8/23/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 08/23/2023 - 9:11am

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National Security News Content:

1. Opinion | The U.S. is back in East Asia — but for how long?
2. China’s blueprint for an alternative world order
3. And are the Pentagon's criticism's of its strategy fair?
4. Ukraine Situation Report: Kyiv's Forces Enter Robotyne
5. Zelensky's spies 'masterminded string of daring drone attacks inside Russia which have seen five of Putin's jets blown up within three days'
6. China helping to arm Russia with helicopters, drones and metals
7. The Senate's defense-policy bill looks for threats in the rear-view mirror
8. Dollar’s Domination Of World Trade Will End, Putin Tells BRICS Summit
9. Ukraine to cost half-trillion more if war ends now
10. Former US Defense Secretary visits NE Syria, calls to support AANES
11. A Gen Z Marine Explores Solutions to the Military's Recruiting Crisis in 'We Don't Want You, Uncle Sam'
12. Manliness, Prestige and Cash: How Military Service Is Sold on Russian TV
13. Ukraine’s Reset: A Slow and Bloody Advance on Foot
14. Is it safe to release water from Fukushima’s nuclear plant? What to know.
15. Opinion | The Space Force needs to get bigger
16. A Divorce Between the Navy and Cyber Command Would Be Dangerous
17.  Biden’s Asia Diplomacy Is Still Incomplete
18. Report to Congress on South China Sea Disputes - USNI News
19. Exposed: the Chinese spy using LinkedIn to hunt UK secrets
20. Republican isolationism: Abandoning Ukraine is no way to make America great again
21. Russia and Iran Deepen Military Cooperation
22. The U.S. Navy Is Now Paying a Price For Its Littoral Combat Ship Mistakes
23. Zelensky Calls Meeting with Serbian President ‘Fruitful’
24. Biden Heads to G20, Sends Harris to ASEAN, East Asia Summits
25. Case studies: US military assistance in Africa doesn't work - Responsible Statecraft
26. In Latest Moon Race, India Lands First in Southern Polar Region
27. Delusions of Détente – Why America and China Will Be Enduring Rivals
28. Is the American Military Too 'Woke'?
29. Biden Pushes Woke Military Officers as Sen. Tuberville Holds Firm
30. An internet troll’s guide to ‘OPSEC’

Korean News Content:

1. Hwasong-18: The North Korean ICBM with 'Russian DNA'?
2. The Historic Camp David Summit – Overlooked Again: “JAROKUS” Seeks A Free and Unified Korea
3. South Korea and Japan Are Getting Closer. But Will It Last?
4. South Korea’s Yoon could be the weakest link in the next Korean War
5. North Korea's Kim lambasts premier over flooding, in a possible bid to shift blame for economic woes
6. #ROK: #Japan. Unexpected and unprecedented alliance in North Asia
7. US-Japan-Korea summit impressive first trilateral step
8. Man flees China on water scooter, crossing 200 miles of ocean to S. Korea
9. To make extra money, North Koreans pay big bribes for gold refinery jobs
10. Kim Jong Un’s Pandemic Power Faces Test as North
11. Yoon visits wartime bunker to monitor joint S. Korea-U.S. military exercise
12. PM says int'l lawsuit will be filed if Fukushima water release goes beyond standards
13. Hyesan clamps down on money changers
14. Korea Faces Diplomatic Challenges in New Cold War
15. N. Korea joins China trade fair in another sign of border reopening
16. S. Korea-U.S. nuclear agreement needs to be revised
17. State Department renews ban on use of US passports for travel to North Korea
18. New Seoul slogan leaves many city residents scratching their heads