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8/23/2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 08/23/2021 - 9:52am

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National Security News Content:

1, How to Help Afghan Refugees and the Relief Effort
2. FDD | Biden's catastrophe
3. An Un-American Way of War: Why the United States Fails at Irregular Warfare
4. Terrorism in South Asia After the Fall of Afghanistan
5. Taiwanese shrug off China threat and place their trust in ‘Daddy America’Opinion | My Family Fled Cambodia as the Americans Evacuated. Here's What I Hope for Afghan Refugees.
6. Anti-Taliban leader Massoud wants to talk but ready to fight
7. SAS in dramatic desert raid to save troops from Taliban
8. The failure of intelligence in counterinsurgency - opinion
9. So Much for a ‘Foreign Policy for the Middle Class’
10. Opinion | Could Cyberwar Make the World Safer?
11. America Got Afghanistan Wrong, But It Can Still Make Things Right
12. Some Americans No Longer Believe in the Common Good
13. Liberal Democracy Is Worth a Fight
14. An Army Can’t Defeat Guerilla Fighters
15. Opinion | How the Taliban Turned Smartphones Into Weapons
16. All the President’s Yes-Men
17. Cleaning Up After Biden on al Qaeda
18. Opinion | My Family Fled Cambodia as the Americans Evacuated. Here's What I Hope for Afghan Refugees.

Korean News Content:

1, Top S. Korean diplomat says U.S. requested use of American bases in Korea to house Afghan evacuees
2. Korea must do its share (Afghanistan)
3. Acceptance of refugees in USFK bases for humanitarianism
4. Korea divided over housing Afghan evacuees in USFK bases
5. US makes clear its support for inter-Korean humanitarian aid
6. North Korea's newspaper urges people to prioritize socialist ideology
7. Help fleeing Afghans (South Korea)
8. Korea, Japan show no signs of US withdrawal anxiety
9. Assembly panel advances ratification bill for USFK cost-sharing deal
10. Choco Pies in China, Russia getting more expensive
11. Biden's special envoy urges North Korea to return to talks
12. US Envoy Says No Hostile Intent Toward North Korea, Calls For Talks
13. COVID-19 reveals North Korea is no longer a hermit kingdom
14. He Was Kim Jong Un’s Party Pal. Now He Rots in a Chinese Prison.
15. Taliban hopes for S. Korea's diplomatic recognition, economic exchanges: official
16. Arrests of North Korean Wives of Chinese Men Spooks Refugee Community
17. Police in some regions of North Korea take bribes to protect transport of goods
18. N. Korea develops real-time PCR equipment to test for coronavirus: state media