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8/2/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 08/02/2022 - 10:15am

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National Security News Content:


2. What Ayman al-Zawahiri’s killing means for al-Qaeda

3. Winning in Ukraine requires a special representative and strategy to rebuild

4. Opinion | Did Russia or Ukraine slaughter Ukrainian POWs? It’s not a close call.

5. The Upside of Putin’s Delusions

6. FDD | ‘Securing India against China should matter to the world’

7. Justice for al Qaeda’s Zawahiri

8. Balkans Flare-Up Highlights Risk of Other European Conflicts

9. Blast Hits Ammunition Depot of Bulgarian Arms Dealer Involved in Ukraine Weapons Trade

10. ‘One miscalculation away from nuclear annihilation’: The U.N. chief issues a grim warning, citing war.

11. As tensions rise over Pelosi’s Taiwan visit, here’s what a US war with China would look like

12. How Far Could the Quad Support Taiwan?

13. How CIA spied on Ayman al-Zawahiri for six months before assassination

14. SOCOM Orders Cropduster Attack Planes from L3Harris Technologies

15. Don't Back Down: How Joe Biden Should Stand Up to China over Taiwan

16. Biden Taps China Apologist Who Blames Admin’s Rhetoric for Rise in Anti-Asian Hate Crimes

17.  The Taiwan Crisis of 2022 Proves Why America Needs a New China Strategy By Wallace Gregson

18. Realism Is More Than Restraint

19. New Book Exposes Harsh Truths About Veterans-and America

20. Expert Who Blamed China Hawks for Anti-Asian Hate Crimes Joins Team Biden

21. Troops dump $100 million per year into Defense Department-owned slot machines

Korean News Content:

1. S.Korea, U.S. to Stage Massive Drill Amid Global Instability

2. Chip 4, '3 Nos' complicate Korea-China ties

3. No to 'wolf warrior diplomacy'

4. NPT meeting in New York discusses North Korea

5. South Korea condemns North for ‘abusing’ NPT regime, urges to cease provocations

6. S. Korea, Australia to discuss defense cooperation, Indo-Pacific strategy

7. N. Korea reports no new suspected COVID-19 cases for 4th day: state media

8. New infections at over 3-month high; imported cases at all-time high (South Korea)

9. Stop the game of chicken

10. NIS director says agency reported investigation requests into ex-spy chiefs to Yoon

11. Blinken reaffirms U.S. commitment to NPT, citing threats posed by N. Korea, Iran

12. Three soldiers in Yanggang Province beaten by local patrol while trying to steal pork

13. Three soldiers in Hyesan who went AWOL voluntarily return to base

14. A Third Nuclear Age Is Upon Us

15. Hackers using malicious Gmail, Microsoft Edge extension to spy on emails (Suspected north Korea)

16. North Korea’s missiles to blame for upscaled US-South Korean military drills, South says