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8/21/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 08/21/2023 - 6:53am

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, August 20, 2023

2. At 80, beloved CT sportsman Larry Ciotti 'refuses letting the old man in'

3. The Occam’s Razor of Strategic Theory: The Relevance of Clausewitz for Political Conduct

4. Opinion | This is how the U.S. is treating Afghans who helped us

5. Japan Scrambles Jets Amid Russian and Chinese Naval Patrol in Pacific

6. Biden’s Success in North Asia . . .

7. Saudi forces killed hundreds of Ethiopians at Yemen border, report says

8. Beset by domestic economic woes, China’s Xi visits South Africa in just his second trip abroad this year

9. Logistics Interdiction for Taiwan Unification Campaigns

10. Should the United States Normalize Relations With the Taliban?

11. Global food security is at crossroads as rice shortages and surging prices hit the most vulnerable

12. Pentagon ill-prepared for bio warfare attacks from adversaries such as China, Russia

13. US, Japan and Australia plan joint navy drills in disputed South China Sea, Philippine officials say

14. Assessing the People’s Republic of China’s Current and Future Offensive Operations Against the Republic of China (Taiwan) in the Context of China’s International Ambitions

15. Why Russia’s War in Ukraine Could Run for Years

16. Troop Deaths and Injuries in Ukraine War Near 500,000, U.S. Officials Say

17. In pictures: When the U.S. left Afghanistan, two years ago

18. Opinion | Why is China so afraid of Taiwan’s vice president?

19. Four Ways Ukraine Can Win With F-16s – But Caveats Remain

20. The Battle For The Indian Ocean: How Submarine Cables Are Shaping US-China Rivalry – OpEd

21. China Intensifies Espionage Crackdown Targeting Alleged CIA Spies

Korean News Content:

1. North Korean hackers target U.S.-South Korea military drills, police say

2. Beijing Rejects Seoul's Demand to Stop Repatriating North Korean Defectors

3. Full-scale civil defense drill planned for Wednesday (ROK)

4.  N. Korean leader visits navy unit, inspects cruise missile test aboard warship

5. A quantum jump to trilateral cooperation

6. Yoon says N.K. threat will only make S. Korea-U.S.-Japan cooperation stronger

7. S. Korea welcomes first U.N. meeting on N. Korea's human rights in 6 years

8. Biden’s Success in North Asia . . .

9. South Korea, Japan and US vow ‘new era’

10. <Inside N. Korea>New proclamation calls for intensified control over the economy…Intense crackdowns on circulation of goods and use of foreign currency (1) The authorities confiscate Chinese yuan and US dollars

11.  Closer Cooperation with U.S., Japan Is Vital for Korea's Economy

12. South questions accuracy of cruise missiles launched from North's new warship

13. NK abruptly cancels first post-COVID int'l commercial flight

14. Advantage North Korea

15. S. Korean military denies NK report on 'strategic' cruise missile drills

16. N. Koreans turn to ancestral rites to ward away misfortune

17. Japan’s Strategy to Confront North Korea’s Nuclear and Ballistic Missiles