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8/18/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 08/18/2022 - 11:26am

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National Security News Content:


2. Russia's War in Ukraine Is How the Soviet Union Finally Ends

3. Russia Is Training Drone Hobbyists to Fight in Ukraine

4. US to hold trade talks with Taiwan, island drills military

5. Americans are paying for slogans on bombs aimed at Russians

6. Deter China through Strength and Confidence

7. Ukraine says fighting 'deadlocked' ahead of visit by U.N. chief

8. The Armed Resistance Against the Taliban Is Still Here

9. Playing With Fire in Ukraine

10. The future world order will be decided by the war over semiconductors

11.  FDD | US picks up pace of airstrikes in Somalia

12. Reporters in Gaza have never been free

13. The End of the War on Drugs? Reimagining the US-Colombia Relationship

14. Generation Killed: The Challenges of Routinizing Global Jihad

15. Russia says Ukraine planning 'provocation' at nuclear plant; Kyiv dismisses accusation

16. Estonia says it repelled major cyber attack after removing Soviet monuments

17.  RedAlpha Conducts Multi-Year Credential Theft Campaign Targeting Global Humanitarian, Think Tank, and Government Organizations

18. Can think tanks be foreign agents?

19.  Stricter social media rules for DoD officials aim to prevent snafus

20. Crimea attacks point to Ukraine’s newest strategy, official says

21. China’s New White Paper on Taiwan: We Ignore It at Our Peril

22. Full Text: The Taiwan Question and China's Reunification in the New Era

23. How HIMARS and sanctions are choking Russia's weapons trade

24. Putin Is Angry and Thinks U.S. Trying to Prolong Ukraine War

25. US must arm Ukraine now, before it’s too late

26. Will They Fight? Washington Wants to Know.

27. In Ukraine, a Russian mercenary group steps out of the shadows

28. Ukraine seizes the battlefield initiative

29. How Social Justice Became a New Religion

30. Sleepy Greek Port Becomes U.S. Arms Hub, as Ukraine War Reshapes Region

Korean News Content:

1. Yoon opposes forceful change to status quo in North Korea

2. S. Korea, US commit to enhancing military cooperation against Indo-Pacific security challenges

3. An Alliance Division of Labor in East Asia (ROK and Japan)

4. Top S. Korean, U.S. defense officials discuss cyber threats

5. Kim Jong Un Swaps Trump With Putin in Fervid New Bromance

6. Minister rebuked for 'submissive' stance toward Japan

7. Blinken highlights Korea-US alliance on S. Korea's Liberation Day

8. An interview with S. Korea’s new ambassador-at-large on N. Korean human rights

9. Around 450 sent to political prison camps following investigation into spread of COVID-19

10. Daegu military air base to be relocated to nearby area by 2030 under 11.4 tril.-won project

11. S. Korea launches committee to support nuclear exports

12. In a repeat of last year, heavy rains lead to massive floods in North Korea

13. Nearly nine out of every 10 S. Koreans hold 'favorable view' toward US: poll

14. S. Korea to participate in Australia-led air combat exercise for first time

15. S. Korea, US agree to upgrade cyber cooperation, regularize cyber exercises

16. Yoon to reshuffle presidential office to regain public trust

17. N. Korean hackers steal $1b in crypto from DeFi protocols this year: report

18. N.Korea fires 2 suspected cruise missiles on Yoon’s 100th day in office