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8/16/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 08/16/2023 - 10:34am

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National Security News Content:

2. The Rule of LGOPs (Little Groups of Paratroopers) A Metaphor for Resilience
3. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, August 15, 2023
4. Opinion | How Much Is an American Hostage Worth?
5. Capitol Hill commission urges overhaul of Pentagon budget planning
6. McCarthy floats stopgap funding to prevent a government shutdown at the end of next month
7. Army looks to de-tangle its networks to combat China’s ‘digitally native’ military
8. Six strategic mistakes the U.S. made in Afghanistan
9. The Military Recruiting Crisis and Gen Z
10. Return of Special Warfare Magazine | SOF News
11. China and Russia are waging another Cold War — is the West up to the challenge?
12. Opinion | Throw a penalty flag on Coach Tuberville by Admiral (RET) Michelle J. Howard
13. ‘It’s like a bad monster movie’: U.S. officials who helped train Nigerien troops reel from coup
14. China’s defense minister warns against ‘playing with fire’ on Taiwan during Russia meeting
15. U.S. to Provide Iran Access to $16 Billion in Frozen Funds
16. Opinion  Blinken and Biden are building a foreign policy framework to last
17. Do Oppenheimer’s Warnings About Nuclear Weapons Apply to AI?
18. PLA raising fears throughout Asia
19. I Watched the Dramatic Rise of Qin Gang — and Never Expected His Sudden Fall
20. Is the dollar being dethroned?
21. You Go to War With the Industrial Base You Have, Not the Industrial Base You Want
22. The AI Power Paradox - Can States Learn to Govern Artificial Intelligence—Before It’s Too Late?
23. Humanitarian Blackmail –  How Belligerents Use Negotiations Over Aid to Extort the West

Korean News Content:

1. North Korea Makes First Public Comments About Detained U.S. Soldier Travis King
2. North Korea Claims U.S. Soldier Fled ‘Maltreatment’ in Army
3. North Korea says U.S. soldier was sick of ‘unequal American society’
4. North Korea’s Kim, in letter to Putin, vows solidarity with Russia
5. KCNA Report on Interim Findings of Investigation into American Solider
6. DPRK leader receives greetings from Russian counterpart
7. Amid Rising Fear of Communist China, South Korea and Japan Seek To Overcome Historic Enmity and Make Common Cause With America
8. China should play larger role in getting North Korea to scrap nuclear program
9. Everything we know about the US soldier detained in North Korea
10. Yoon says S. Korea open to extended deterrence talks with U.S., Japan: interview
11. U.S. ambassador to S. Korea to skip trilateral summit over health issue
12. North Korea’s Message to the World: Hundreds of Nuclear Weapons, Coming Soon
13. Unification minister calls on Beijing not to repatriate N. Korean defectors staying in China
14. S. Korea, UAE hold combined high-tech military training
15. Two buses detected crossing into China from N. Korea
16. S. Korean Navy to join multinational Indo-Pacific humanitarian exercise
17. Travis King Case Highlights North Korea's Long, Complicated History of Citing U.S. Racism