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8/15/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 08/15/2023 - 9:30am

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, August 14, 2023
2. Finland negotiating Defence Cooperation Agreement with the United States
3. Chinese spies who read State Dept. email also hacked GOP congressman
4. Air Force considers training changes across all special ops jobs
5. Let’s not forget what a nuclear war would actually mean
6. Former Marine captain’s Syrian detention reaches 11th year
7. Why Will Roper still believes the Pentagon should work more like Formula One
8. 'Unprecedented' Promotion Hold Leads to 3rd Service Without a Confirmed Chief
9. How to Unsettle an Alliance: Subordinate Extended Deterrence to Antiquated Arms Control Initiatives
10. Beyond Defense: China’s Pursuit of Unorthodox Force Multipliers
11. America’s Window of Opportunity in Asia
12. India’s Foreign Policy In A Multipolar World: Navigating Multipolarity And Strategic Alliances – Analysis
13. Logisticians battle distance, weather, red tape in giant Pacific exercise
14. General Officer Assignments - Army (and 7th Infantry Division)
15. How Ukraine’s Counteroffensive Might End (Interview with John Nagl)
16. China to disclose secret US ‘global reconnaissance system,’ claims official
17. US to open expanded aid mission to Pacific island countries
18. Ukraine Says It Stopped Air Attacks on Odesa, While British and Dutch Jets Go After Russian Bombers
19. How to Think about Proxy Wars in the Twenty-first Century
20. Rethinking Civil-Military Relations for Modern Strategy
21. The Allure of Conscription
22. A feud is heating up between Arizona workers and the world's leading chipmaker after the company said the US didn't have the skills to build its new factory
23. ‘Dnipro Devils’ Drilled by British Special Forces
24. Biden Establishes Review Process to Regulate China-Bound Investment in Key Industries
25. The Corruption War: Russia Is Losing the War for the Same Reason It Started It
26. Judge rules in favor of Montana youths in landmark climate decision

Korean News Content:

1. Republic of Korea National Day - United States Department of State
2. US, Japan, South Korea to announce deeper defense cooperation at Camp David summit
3. Camp David summit to put new icing on the trilateral cake
4. Can Japan and South Korea Unite to Face the Chinese Threat?
5.  Yoon says Japan is partner sharing universal values, pursuing common interests
6. #Korea: #Japan: To Camp David for an alliance to answer #PRC predation.
7. Space on agenda for Biden's trilateral summit with S. Korea, Japan
8. America’s Window of Opportunity in Asia
9. Pyongyang opposes UNSC meeting on N. Korea's human rights
10. Tensions rise on Korean Peninsula as US announces major war games and Kim Jong Un orders increase in munitions production
11. US says no plan to expand Quad despite interest from South Korea
12. U.S. Army captain’s memoirs of Korean Liberation Army and anti-Japanese operation
13. Upgrading trilateral cooperation to new level
14. Korean unification movement launched at National Assembly
15. N. Korea's Kim, Russia's Putin exchange letters, vow stronger ties
16. How to implement Washington Declaration
17. Historical amnesia (Korea)
18. Summit to set protocol for trilateral ties