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8/13/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sat, 08/13/2022 - 7:00pm

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National Security News Content:


2. A Red Army of Private Ryans: What Wargaming Says about Chinese Willingness to Strike First and Stay Long 

3. The Chinese Roots of Hybrid Warfare

4. How Zelensky Seized Control Over the Narrative in Ukraine

5. US-China rivalry dividing the world in two

6. Disinformation Trackers Say Myth-Spreading Sites Doubled After Russian Invasion Began

7. Which Asian Countries Support China in the Taiwan Strait Crisis – and Which Don’t?

8. Live Updates: Outgunned by Russia, Ukraine Aims for Death by a Thousand Cuts

9. The Beginning of History​: ​Surviving the Era of Catastrophic Risk

10. The Realist Underpinnings of China’s Taiwan Strategy

11. Will an Attack on Crimea Change the Course of the Ukraine War?

12. How to prevent a war between America and China over Taiwan

13. Long-Range Missiles? Special Op? Regardless, Crimean Air Base Blasts Are A 'Real Quandary' For Russia

14. Opinion | It’s time the free world commits to the defense of Taiwan

15. The Biggest Challenge in Building Missile Defense Presence in Guam? Finding the Right Site

16. Taiwan can't be allowed to become another Ukraine | Opinion

17. Russia’s Brutal Honesty Has Destroyed the West’s Appeasers

18. Air Force will shut down program that trains foreign pilots

19. Carl Sagan's 1995 prediction of America's future is worryingly accurate

Korean News Content:

1. N. Korea moves toward pre-pandemic normalcy after declaring victory in COVID-19 fight

2. Korea-US inflation slows down

3. UN's Guterres uses CVID term in meeting with Yoon Suk-yeol

4. Hyundai to set up Robot AI research institute in US

5. British documents shed light on Korean liberation forces' fight against Japanese imperialist forces

6.  How the North Korean Government Is Squeezing Foreign Currency Out of Its People

7. North Korea's next generation is upending the regime's propaganda strategy with waterpark tours and quarantine vlogs

8. CIA: 19% of N. Korean Population Use Mobile Phones

9. Old photos of North Korean military drill falsely shared as China 'preparing for Taiwan attack'

10. US Urges N. Korea to Accept Vaccine Support

11. The New Neighbor Is Causing a Commotion. Oh, and He’s the President of South Korea.

12. Not Enough M1 Abrams? Poland Is Buying K2 Black Panther Tanks