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8/12/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sat, 08/12/2023 - 10:22am

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, August 11, 2023
2. China-Taiwan Weekly Update, August 10, 2023
3. Zelensky Called Him a Criminal. Now Ukraine Calls Him for Guns and Ammo.
4. Guam’s Airspace Set To Be Most Defended On Earth In New Plans
5. Ukraine Makes Progress Along 2 Lines of Attack
6. Why the US Military Wants You To Rethink the Idea of 'Cyber War'
7. America’s Army is shrinking. Its missions aren’t
8. Taiwan Needs Stronger US Support — Quickly
9. How Will America’s Borrow and Spend Politicians Pay for an Imperial Foreign Policy?
10. Western leaders welcomed China's presence at Ukraine peace talks. But Beijing's relationship with Europe is still testy
11. From information war to emerging tech: new IC strategy centers 'competition' with China, Russia
12. Irregular warfare in space is an ongoing threat – and the US must adapt.
13. China has fallen into a psycho-political funk
14. China’s game of Ukrainian chess
15. You say Taiwan; I say Korea
16. AI Is Starting to Look Like the Dot Com Bubble
17. China’s Military, ‘Chasing the Dream,’ Probes Taiwan’s Defenses
18. SOCOM: The Best Result of America’s Worst Special Ops Fail
19. Generals shouldn't lead the Department of Defense
20. Fayetteville could get America’s first memorial park for the Green Berets. Here’s the plan
21. Irregular Warfare Podcast: A Twenty-Year Retrospective on Irregular Warfare and Counterinsurgency  (features David Kilcullen and John Nagl)
22. Perspective | U.S. international image rebounds with Biden reversing Trump policies
23. Blood, sweat and syrup: Why are there so many fights at Waffle House?
24. Critical thinking education trumps banning and censorship in battle against disinformation, study suggests

Korean News Content:

1. Why Joe Biden will host Japan and South Korea’s leaders at Camp David
2. You say Taiwan; I say Korea
3. U.N. grants sanctions exemptions for WHO's humanitarian activities in N. Korea
4. South Korea Needs a Drone Strategy
5. Korea, U.S. Japan discuss joint military exercises and trilateral summits
6. Street Market (north Korea)
7. North Koreans ordered to protect portraits of Kim Jong-un as tropical storm Khanun looms
8. No impact from release of Iranian assets from S. Korea: White House
9. South Korea throws huge K-Pop concert for Scouts after storm Khanun disrupted their Jamboree
10. South Koreans rally in Seoul against Japanese plans to release treated nuclear wastewater into sea