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8/12/2021 National Security And Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 08/12/2021 - 10:20am

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National Security News Content:

1. FINESSING PRIMACY – Some military considerations before subversion does us in Part One
2.  FINESSING PRIMACY – Some military considerations before subversion does us in Part Two
3.  “Psychological” isn’t a dirty word
4. Japan’s Military Role in the Indo-Pacific
5. Sizing The Navy: Why It Takes More Warships To Prevent Conflicts Than To Win Them
6. The Militant Drone Playbook
7. Stunning Speed of Taliban Offensive Brings Afghan Government's Control Into Question
8. No rules and no borders: Inside a future cyberwar
9. General Officer Assignments
10. ‘Close to the danger zone’: Security experts warn about increasing possibility of war over Taiwan
11. Media And Western Governments Give Little Chance To Non-Violence As A Tool Of Political Change – OpEd
12. Biden Wants To Reengage With The World, But His Ambassadors Are Mostly Absent
13. China is banning karaoke songs that endanger national unity
14. What's Missing from US Missile Defense? Pentagon Aims to Find Out
15. Another ICBM test successful, Air Force says
16. Speed of Taliban Advance Surprises Biden Administration, Dismays U.S. Allies
17. US keeping distance as Afghan forces face Taliban rout
18. Opinion | With a closer look, certainty about the ‘existential’ climate threat melts away
19. America Still Needs to Rebalance to Asia
20. Why is the Taliban on such a winning streak, and can the tide be turned?
21. How Identity Propaganda Is Used to Undermine Political Power
22. CCP outsourcing propaganda campaigns to content farms in Taiwan and Australia: Think tank
23. Why Asian-Americans are embracing a common identity

Korean New Content:

1. U.S. draws line with concessions for North through military drills
2. North Korea Issues Warning Over South Korea-US Joint Military Exercises
3. The Case for a New North Korean Nuclear Deal
4. North Korean envoy calls for cooperation with Russia to counter United States
5. Robert King calls for US attention on North Korean human rights
6. North's spies allegedly on NIS's radar for over 2 decades
7. N.K. envoy demands U.S. troops' withdrawal from S. Korea, denounces military drills as war rehearsal: TASS
8. NSC urges N. Korea not to escalate tensions over allies' defense drills
9. N. Korea unresponsive to S. Korea's hotline calls for 3rd day
10. Report: North Korea, U.N. agencies move forward with COVID-19 vaccine plans
11. North Korea: Heavy flooding destroys homes, farmland
12. Violators of North Korea's quarantine protocols sent to "total control zones"
13. North Korea deploys military units to South Hamgyong Province for post-monsoon recovery operations
14. Kim Jong Boom: Un's Sister Brands US-South Korea Drills A Rehearsal For Nuclear War
15. N. Korea Returns to 'Old Playbook' of Confrontation, Dialogue
16. How North Korean Spies Posed as Defectors to Get Eyes on the South