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8/10/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 08/10/2023 - 9:52am

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, August 9, 2023
2. China Relies on U.S., Allies for Hundreds of Products
3. China’s war planners are leaning harder on its militia
4. Inside the Air Force’s massive mobility war game in the Pacific
5. Overseas and under the poverty line: The system that keeps so many military spouses abroad unemployed
6. Korea Is a Model for Middle East Peace
7. What Washington Must Do to Check China’s Coercion
8.  The complicated case of Nauru, which stood up to China
9. A Drone’s View Behind Russian Lines: Cratered Fields and Charred Armor
10. Back in the Trenches – Why New Technology Hasn’t Revolutionized Warfare in Ukraine
11. Nationalism’s questionable influence in China’s responses to international incidents
12. Taiwan Army major detained as spying case snowballs
13. US racing frantically to close missile defense holes
14. The Battle of Hostomel Airport: A Key Moment in Russia’s Defeat in Kyiv
15. Why You Should Worry About China’s Missing Minister
16. China is edging toward deflation. Here's what that means.
17. Slow counteroffensive darkens mood in Ukraine
18. Political violence in polarized U.S. at its worst since 1970s
19. China Warns Japan Over ‘Resolve to Fight’ Remarks on Taiwan
20. Stablecoins Can Keep the Dollar the World’s Reserve Currency
21. Aristotle’s 10 Rules for a Good Life
22. The War in Ukraine Is Getting Closer to Putin's 'Frontdoor'

Korean News Content:

1. Kim Jong Un fires top general, orders North Korean military to 'gird for war'
2. N. Korea's Kim calls for bolstering war preparations in 'offensive' way: KCNA
3. 7th Enlarged Meeting of 8th Central Military Commission of WPK Held (War Prep, General's dismissal)
4. Peerlessly Great Man's Exploits for Korea's Liberation
5. Kim Yo Jong: What We Know About Kim Jong Un’s Sister and Her Role in North Korea
6. N. Korea spreads malware during fake video job interviews
7. North Korea cracks down on use of propaganda publication as scrap paper
8. <Inside N. Korea>Even military face increasing malnutrition; A soldier said “We don’t get even half a bowl of food…half of my comrades are in a weakened state”
9. Free economic zone in Tumen River Basin for permanent peace and prosperity in Northeast Asia
10.  Korea Is a Model for Middle East Peace
11. Yoon says U.N. Command key force in maintaining peace on Korean Peninsula
12. Who is Kim Yo Jong, North Korea’s propagandist-in-chief?
13. Ignoring red flags, South Korea went ahead with Scout jamboree anyway
14. PacNet #59 - South Korea's role in Indo-Pacific maritime domain awareness