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8/10/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 08/10/2022 - 9:09am

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National Security News Content:


2. With Enough Help, Ukraine Can Win

3. Military Recruitment Woes Endanger National Security By Michael R. Bloomberg

4. New ‘Influence Triad’ Will Fuse SOF, Cyber, and Space Command Satellite Intelligence

5. U.S. Will Spend $89M To Eradicate Russian Landmines In Ukraine

6. China reaffirms threat of military force to annex Taiwan

7. What ever happened to the “rules-based international order?”

8. A US-China War Over Taiwan Isn't Happening Anytime Soon

9. China drills show ambitions beyond island, Taiwan warns

10. Ukraine Live Briefing: Ukraine special forces behind deadly Crimea strike, official says

11. $1 Billion in Additional Security Assistance for Ukraine

12. The President Needs the Power to Fire Bureaucrats

13. New Army recruiting ad continues crusade against civilian workforce

14. The U.S. lost track of why it was in Afghanistan, former commander says

15. FDD | Senior Pakistani Taliban leader reportedly killed in Afghanistan

16. The ‘forever war’ against the West

17. Pentagon Contractors in Afghanistan Pocketed $108 Billion Over 20 Years

18. Opinion | What’s up with Amnesty International and its moral myopia on Ukraine?

19. Chinese Official Says Taiwan Is Part Of China Because It Has Many Chinese Restaurants

20. The FBI’s golden Chinese intelligence asset was a double agent the whole time

21. What Makes the Green Berets Special? A Former Army Special Forces Officer Explains

Korean News Content:

1.  Will We See North Korean Forces in Eastern Ukraine?

2. Recovery gets under way after record rainfall

3. 3. Yoon to meet with Bill Gates next week

4. Defense chief calls for firm readiness against possible N.K. provocations during allied drills

5. A sad reality of Pelosi’s visit: South Korea won’t help defend Taiwan

6. Seoul Asks Beijing to Help with Security on Korean Peninsula

7. N. Korea sends letter to China slamming Pelosi's Taiwan trip

8. China says S. Korea has vowed to limit THAAD operation, heralding continued diplomatic row

9. Experts "China's demand for 'Three Dollars of THAAD' interferes with internal affairs... South Korea must protect its security sovereignty"

10. "Hybrid multilateralism" and the Yoon pursuit of middle power strategy

11.  Japan could send a message to North Korea, China by amending its constitution

12. U.S. has returned 31% of Yongsan base

13. [INTERVIEW] Polish arms deal may well lead to greater opportunities for Korea: expert

14. Seoul reiterates that '3 Nos' policy is not commitment to China