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7/9/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 07/09/2024 - 8:09pm

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National Security News Content:

1. A Return to Privateering - A Strategic Concept for Unconventional Warfare
2. To counter China, NATO and its Asian partners are moving closer under US leadership
3. NATO Summit Puts Biden’s Fitness Under a Microscope
4. Asia’s New ‘Game of Thrones
5. 12 people to keep an eye on at the NATO summit
6. AI-Powered Super Soldiers Are More Than Just a Pipe Dream
7. Erik Prince is Wrong for Secretary of Defense
8. China hits back at NATO's 'smears and attacks' ahead of summit
9. Russia under fire at UN over Ukraine strikes
10. Why NATO Still Exists
11. New NATO Command Will Assist Ukraine with Training, Equipment Donations
12. 82nd Airborne joins 3rd, 10th SF Groups to airdrop test new weapon sights
13. Wounded Veterans, Wounded Economy: The Personnel Costs of Russia’s War
14. Article 5 with an Asterisk: How a Tailored Application of NATO’s Collective Defense Principle Could Lead to a Sustainable Russo-Ukrainian Armistice
15. Avoiding War in the South China Sea
16. The Right Way for America to Counter Russia in Africa
17. US to loan ‘stalwart ally’ Poland another $2 billion for push to modernize military
18. NATO’s in denial about deterrence by denial
19. The West’s biggest vulnerability is internal
20. NATO Allies Confront ‘Serious Gap’ in Arms Production to Counter Russia

Korean News Content:

1.  Top U.S. official for N. Korea policy recently resigned: sources
2. To counter China, NATO and its Asian partners are moving closer under US leadership
3. North Korea’s shifting satellite allegiance to Russia signals China’s waning influence.
4. Yoon to hold over 10 bilateral meetings on sidelines of NATO summit
5. N. Korea's military education delegation leaves for Russia amid deepening ties
6. Two Simultaneous Wars Scenario in Northeast Asia And Implications to South Korea’s Security
7. North Korea Neighbor Calls for Nuclear Weapons
8. North Korean leader’s sister denounces South’s border drills
9. N. Korea appears to have released border dam water without prior notice
10. Disability in N. Korea: Stigma persists despite official efforts
11. N. Korea mandates war film screenings to bolster patriotism
12. U.S. envoy for N. Korean human rights to visit S. Korea this week
13. Yoon to visit Indo-Pacific Command in Hawaii
14. Yoon pledges to enhance combined readiness with U.S. against N. Korea
15. National Assembly launches forum for potential nuclear armament
16. U.S. renews 'great concern' over N. Korea-Russia cooperation ahead of NATO summit