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7/7/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sun, 07/07/2024 - 7:43am

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National Security News Content:

1. Special Operations Forces for the Decisive Decade By Christopher P. Maier & Bryan P. Fenton
2. Gaza war a recruiting boon for terrorists, U.S. intelligence shows
3. Inside the Dangerous Work of Defending Ukraine’s Skies
4. Grand Strategy for World War III: Weaponizing Oil and Gas
5. Genesis and Exodus: Lessons From the US Army’s Recruiting Failure
6. The original prophet of Taiwanese independence
7. Deepfake video targeting Zelensky’s wife linked to Russian disinformation campaign, CNN analysis shows
8. NATO Has to Change. Here’s How.
9. How Taiwan Conquered U.S. Politics — and Showed Europe How It’s Done
10. The AUKUS goal: balancing power in the region

Korean News Content:

1. Pyongyang to Manhattan: Escaping North Korea to take a bite of the Big Apple
2. Yoon expected to warn against N. Korea-Russia defense cooperation at NATO summit
3. With South Korean Rockets, Ukraine Could Wipe Out Russian Warplanes At Their Bases
4. NATO summit to discuss with Indo-Pacific partners resilience, cybersecurity, disinformation: U.S. official
5. N. Korea calls for loyalty to leader ahead of late founder's death anniversary
6. Stoltenberg announces ‘flagship project’ with South Korea on Ukraine
7. Russia-South Korea standoff: Will the 'red lines' be crossed?
8. [Kim Seong-kon] The image of South Korea overseas