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7/6/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sat, 07/06/2024 - 7:42am

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National Security News Content:

1. Project 2025 Mandate for Leadership Special Operations Excerpt

2. Chief of Staff of the Army Recommended Articles

3. An External Agenda for the NATO Summit

4. Nepalis thought they were going to Russia to ‘help.’ They were made to fight – and die.

5. Iran’s Voters Elect Their First Reformist President in Two Decades

6. A New Age of Materials Is Dawning, for Everything From Smartphones to Missiles

7. Russia destroyed Ukraine’s energy sector, so it’s being rebuilt green

8. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, July 5, 2024

9. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, July 5, 2024

10. Family members serving aboard two Navy ships reunite in the Mediterranean Sea

11. Backlash rising to Marcos Jr's US-friendly policy pivot

12. Stuck Onshore: Why the United States Failed to Retrench from Europe during the Early Cold War

13. NATO Summit Primer: 12 Things to Know

Korean News Content:

1. Will North Korea Soon Have MIRV Capability for its Ballistic Missiles?
2. NATO seeks to build practical cooperation with S. Korea on Ukraine, defense industry: chief
3. Tensions spike in the buffer zone between North and South Korea as clash fears grow
4. Expectations grow for S. Korea-U.S. cooperation in military logistics, MRO
5. Speaking Out | North Korea Sent Military Engineers for Ukraine War
6. Russian kids will go to 'excellent' summer camps in North Korea this year as the two countries move close
7. Opinion | As nuclear tensions rise, are US defence plans for South Korea workable?
8. China and Russia ready for Pacific Rim drill in US, Japan and South Korea’s wake
9. China treads complex path between North and South Korea as nuclear risk rises
10. S. Korea congratulates Iran's new president