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7/5/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Fri, 07/05/2024 - 10:40am

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National Security News Content:

1. IN THE KILL ZONE: The Life and Times of Willie Merkerson (Part 3)

2. AI Drones Threaten U.S. Forces

3. A tell-tale sign that China could be preparing for war

4. Air Force Ospreys in Japan resume flight ops

5. He got $30K to leave the military when it needed to downsize. Now the government wants that money back.

6. U.S. and Israel Voice New Optimism About Cease-Fire as Gaza Talks Resume

7. Report to Congress on Navy Distributed Maritime Operations

8. Naval Special Warfare Units Merge Combat Tactics With Attack Submarines

9. Aircraft Carriers: Still Indispensable

10. New Pentagon Data Sharing Effort Will Showcase U.S. Military As Viable Career Path For High Schoolers

11. ‘Toxic’ politics increase terrorism, extremism risk, DHS official says

12. Pentagon sending advanced fighters to Japan as part of force upgrade

13. DARPA wants to use AI to find new rare minerals

14. This Medal of Honor recipient’s heroism didn’t end with his war

15. The Surprising National Security Role of America’s “Best Idea”

16. Is the precision revolution in warfare fading away?

17. Different makes us stronger: American diversity is a national security asset

18. An American Insurgency

19. Can Starmer Save Britain?

20. When America and China Collided

21. China Is Finally Starting to Do Something About the U.S. Fentanyl Crisis

22. The Glorious Cause of America

Korean News Content:

1. Yoon to travel to U.S. next week for NATO summit, Indo-Pacific Command visit

2. N. Korea underscores swift, accurate weather forecasts for agriculture during monsoon season

3. Love lost? How Putin could spoil a Trump push to rekindle ties with Kim Jong Un

4. After a lull, South Korea is suddenly talking about going nuclear again

5. Police endorse charges for man who said ROK should accept North Korean invasion

6. FM highlights importance of 'mutually considerate' attitude in bilateral ties with Japan

7. N. Korean officials shake down illegal profiteers for bribes

8. N. Korean women's union promotes superiority of socialist system

9. N. Korea to import equipment for hydropower plants

10. Deepening Russia-North Korea ties test US-South Korea deterrence strategy

11. [Interview: Former Deputy Secretary Armitage] 'The deployment of North Korean troops will be a bloody experiment'

12. Putin’s diplomacy with North Korea deepens the global risk in Ukraine

13. Podcast: John Linton: Why Korean reunification could happen tomorrow