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7/3/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 07/03/2024 - 9:15am

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National Security News Content:

1. Learning the Right Lessons from the Cold War (and what winning looks like)
2. The Perils of a Split-Screen World
3. The Return of Great Power Competition
4. Intelligence & the Changing Landscape of Irregular Warfare July 17 & 18
5. Has Russia Blown its 2024 Opportunity in Ukraine? by Mick Ryan
6. US will provide $2.3 billion more in military aid to Ukraine
7. How ‘Misinformation’ Becomes Common Knowledge
8. Germany, Poland Team Up Against Russia as U.S. and French Elections Test West’s Unity
9. The Underground Network Sneaking Nvidia Chips Into China
10. Former NSC Official Calls for ‘More Intensive Training’ with Taiwan
11. Chinese Aircraft Carrier Sails Near the Philippines, Chinese Warships Continue Operations Near Japan
12. Remember the Wampanoag (Civil War lesson for Drones today)
13. A July 4th Address for the Ages ( John Quincy Adams)
14. The Tech Crash Course That Trains US Diplomats to Spot Threats
15. Underground war: what threat DPRK engineer brigades pose at front in Ukraine
16. Swear an Oath to The Constitution? What Does It Mean?
17. Ukraine Rumor Shows How North Korea Boosts Russia-China Axis
18.  US Allies Allege China Is Developing Attack Drones for Russia
19. How US strike curbs for Ukraine morphed from caveats to ‘common sense’
20. In Ukraine, We Saw a Glimpse of the Future of War
21. What NATO Means to the World By Jens Stoltenberg
22. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, July 2, 2024
23. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, July 2, 2024
24. Civil War soldiers to get Medal of Honor for Confederate train raid

Korean News Content:

1. NK News: Parts 1 and 2 with Russian member of Panel of Experts on Russia -nK, unification, and sanctions
2. North Korea’s Latest Missile Test Suggests Arms Race With South
3. N. Korea's sending of trash-filled balloons is 'form of soft terrorism': CSIS report
4. N.K. leader inspects munitions factory after key party meeting
5. Underground war: what threat DPRK engineer brigades pose at front in Ukraine
6. North Korea Reveals a Multiple-warhead Payload in Probable Failed Test
7. Ukraine Rumor Shows How North Korea Boosts Russia-China Axis
8. <Investigation>Current living conditions of North Koreans (3) The free healthcare system that the Workers’ Party boasts has completely collapsed
9. One N. Korean worker's tale of exploitation and desperation in China
10. North Korea's new Kim Jong Un solo badge is significant
11. "North Korea's Political Prison Camp, Kwan-Li-So No. 18:" Report Rollout
12.  N. Korea's Kim says economic situations markedly on upturn at key party meeting
13. Why did NK change its policy toward South Korea?
14.  Put North Korea's human rights issue front and center
15. S. Korean military resumes artillery drills near N. Korean border