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7/3/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 07/03/2023 - 8:12am

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, July 2, 2023 

2. Women’s Power Index

3. On Foreign Policy, the New Populists Are Old Declinists

4. Russia may stage terrorist attack on ZNPP to scare the world with consequences of war, politically influence Ukraine's counteroffensive – Volodymyr Zelenskyy

5. Exclusive: Zelensky calls Putin ‘weak’ and says Russian President’s power is ‘crumbling’

6. US recommends Americans reconsider traveling to China due to arbitrary law enforcement, exit bans

7. Top military court rules troops don’t have right to unanimous verdicts

8. The Pentagon policy bill’s next big stumbling block: Kevin McCarthy

9. ‘Political hostages’: Tuberville’s promotions blockade is about to hit the Joint Chiefs hard

10. Almost But Not Quite: Acting Commandant Will Face Limitations In Role

11. The Quad is key to countering China’s aggressive expansion

12. 'Putin's mistakes' giving US 'once-in-a-generation' chance to recruit Russian spies, says CIA director

13. In NATO’s new north, fresh chances to contain Moscow

14. America's front line of missile defense is straining under the demand of global threats

15. Navy cancels plan to force recruiters to work six days a week

16. Enough 'one trick ponies': Marine special ops specialists want industry help to fuse tech

17. ‘This capability didn’t exist 30 days ago’: How military exercises can drive software development

18. The state of the U.S. Navy as China builds up its naval force and threatens Taiwan

19. What Makes Putin and the World’s Autocrats So Resilient?

20. Climate Security is National Security

21. US can deter China invasion: Milley

22. Retired Green Beret Scott Mann examines ‘holistic horror of war’ in ‘Last Out’

23. Ukraine Doesn’t Need U.S. Contractors

24. Is it possible that Putin and Wagner played us all?

25. As a special forces veteran, I welcome Indigenous voices when it comes to defending Australia

26. In Small Victory, Signs of Grueling Combat Ahead in Ukrainian Counteroffensive

27. Cracking Down on Dissent, Russia Seeds a Surveillance Supply Chain

28. Burying the Dead with Dishonor — PART ONE (Special Forces in El Salvador)

Korean News Content:

1. B-52s Keep Up Surge in Bomber Activity over Korean Peninsula

2. China's new anti-spy law expected to further strain Korea-China relations

3. Brig. General Derek N. Lipson: Pioneering Change in US Special Operations Command-Korea

4. Defense ministry vows to build 'overwhelming' capabilities against N. Korean military threats

5. Hyundai Group chief withdraws application to visit Mt. Kumgang after N. Korea's refusal

6. Key offices of state arms procurement agency relocate to Daejeon

7. Gov't begins process to deposit forced labor compensation for 4 victims with court

8. It is time for Unification Ministry to change

9. Pyongyang's tactic to bash Seoul and come closer to Tokyo

10. Yoon’s approval rating hits four-month high at 42%

11. Unification Ministry to shift focus to N.Korean human rights

12. EU, Korea discuss cybersecurity

13. Caution needed in developing defense ties with Vietnam, North Korea's comrade

14. Could South Korea play the role of knight on chessboard of international politics?

15. Kim Jong Un’s clampdown on those caught using 'I love you', South Koreans words