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7/29/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Fri, 07/29/2022 - 8:22am

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National Security News Content:


2. China's Xi warns Biden over Taiwan, calls for cooperation

3. The Changing Face of Insurgency

4. Sir Stephen Lovegrove speech at CSIS, Washington DC

5. Russia attacks Kyiv area for the first time in weeks

6. Biden and Xi Conduct Marathon Call During Time of Rising Tensions

7. Readout of President Biden’s Call with President Xi Jinping of the People’s Republic of China

8. The Paradoxes of Escalation in Ukraine

9. How to Survive the Next Taiwan Strait Crisis

10. Russia Created a Refugee Crisis, and Now Putin Is Weaponizing It

11. FDD | Algeria Leads Campaign to Rehabilitate Assad Regime

12. Puzzles deepen in the context of Shabaab’s attempted Ethiopian invasion

13. Climbing the escalation ladder in Ukraine: A menu of options for the West

14. A Credible Source on Putin's Trolls

15. New MOS and formations could come to Army spec ops in tech-savvy era

16. USS Ronald Reagan strike group enters South China Sea amid Taiwan tensions

17. U.S. defense contractor and wife who were photographed in KGB uniforms charged with stealing identities of dead children in Texas

Korean News Content:

​1. Presidential office expresses 'deep regret' over N.K. leader's criticism of Yoon

2. N.K. leader says blood-sealed ties with China will develop for generations

3. U.S. remains committed to defense of S. Korea, engagement with N. Korea: State Dept.

4. Korea’s biggest-ever arms deal to fortify NATO’s Poland

5. N. Korea reports 3 new suspected COVID-19 cases: state media

6. USFK chief highlights importance of Korea-US alliance in dealing with challenges

7. Kim Jong Un warns US and South Korea his ‘nuclear war deterrent’ is ‘ready'

8. Solving the Japan-South Korea Relations Tangle

9. North Korea may delay nuclear test until end of China's party congress: experts

10. Ranking US official visits South Korea to discuss cyber security: NSC

11. N. Koreans are using around 10 programs to circumvent Big Brother's watchful eye

12. <Interview with a N. Korean Woman> "I live with goats and pigs in my apartment" The desperation driving people to raising animals at home

13. While gearing up for a nuclear test, N. Korea appears to be preparing for negotiations with the US