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7/28/2021 Korean and National Security news and Commentary

Wed, 07/28/2021 - 11:11am

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Korean News Contents:

1. Koreas reopen severed cross-border hotlines
2.  N.K. leader makes no mention of nuclear deterrence at national conference of war veterans
3. U.S. welcomes reopening of inter-Korean communication lines as 'positive step'
4. U.S. approach toward N. Korea leaves doors open to dialogue: Austin
5. Taiwanese netizens thank Korea for using 'Taiwan,' not 'Chinese Taipei'
6. North Korean Soldiers Steal from Civilians to Celebrate End of Korean War
7. Hungry North Korean soldiers ‘terrorize civilians’
8. EXCLUSIVE North, South Korea in talks over summit, reopening liaison office
9. Two Koreas Agree to Rebuild Ties in Possible Opening for Biden
10. What we know about inter-Korean hotlines, unique symbol for testy ties
11. Even in absence, North Korea's presence felt at Tokyo Games
12.  Korea Sent More COVID Aid to China Than to Poor Countries
13. Seoul refocuses on roads, railway projects with Pyongyang
14. Still no signs that North Korea is distributing food to ordinary people
15. Restored hotlines may indicate North's willingness for dialogue with U.S.
16. Many North Korean farms still need to be properly weeded

National Security News Contents:

1. Secretary of Defense Remarks at the 40th International Institute for Strategic Studies Fullerton Lecture (As Prepared)

2. After Years of Chinese Influence, U.S. Tries to Renew Ties in Southeast Asia

3. 'Matrix hurt, and still worries us,' says Hidilyn's mother

4. Analysis | China may be having a harder time with Biden than with Trump

5. Joe Biden Says He’s Ending Forever Wars. He Isn’t.

6. ‘We Will Not Flinch’: Austin Promises U.S. Will Continue to Bolster Taiwan’s Self-Defense

7. Facebook and tech giants to target attacker manifestos, far-right militias in database

8. Iraq wants American firm to replace Exxon, prime minister says

9. White House seeking $1 billion to help resettle Afghan allies

10. Foreign Policy Returns to Normal, for Both Better and Worse by John Bolton

11.  ‘We’re better than that’: Austin speaks about ‘un-American’ discrimination against Asians

12. FDD | Cyber Hygiene 101 for Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses

13. Far more world leaders visit China than America

14. France, US losing civilian control of their militaries

15. Royal Navy defies China en route to South China Sea

16. Not Your Grandfather’s Counterinsurgency: The United States Must Prepare for Radically New Forms of Nonstate Violence

17. Biden zigzags on China policy