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7/27/2021 Korean and National Security News and Commentary

Tue, 07/27/2021 - 7:30am

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Korean News Contents:

1. Armistice ends Korean War hostilities
2. A Proclamation on National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day, 2021
3..  Biden cites pride in Korea-US friendship, calls it key to peace and stability
4. Breaking News: the Two Koreas Reconnect the Inter-Korean Hotline, Signaling the Resumption of Dialogue
5.  KCNA Report on Re-operation of Inter-Korean Communication Liaison Lines
6.  Increasing Chinese property purchases concern Koreans
7. Sherman stresses importance of cooperation on N. Korea during visit to China: State Dept.
8. N. Korea says restoration of cross-border hotline will play positive role in improving relations
9. N.K. leader pays respects to fallen soldiers to mark anniversary of Korean War armistice
10.  Does South Korea’s youngest political boss have the chops to lead?
11. Cheong Wa Dae says no plan yet to send special envoy to N. Korea
12. UNC chief vows 'unwavering' commitment to alliance on armistice anniversary
13. Chronology of major events leading to restoration of inter-Korean communication lines
14. Rival parties welcome restoration of communication lines between two Koreas
15. Moon awards medals to two UN Forces veterans for war service
16. Hope for better ties (north - South)
17. North Korean schools will go on vacation in August
18. <Inside N. Korea> Unauthorized migration of the urban poor population towards the poorest and most rural areas. Why?

National Security News Content:

1. A 2nd New Nuclear Missile Base for China, and Many Questions About Strategy
2. China floods: ‘Digital dark age’ after disaster wreaks havoc on internet and electricity
3. ‘It Failed Miserably’: After Wargaming Loss, Joint Chiefs Are Overhauling How the US Military Will Fight
4. Full Spectrum: Capabilities And Authorities In Cyber And The Information Environment
5. Cuba and How Biden Can Avoid Another Mariel Boatlift
6. The Rising Risk of China’s Intellectual-Property Theft
7. Why China Will Not Cooperate with the West: The Pandemic Made Things Worse
8. President Biden, Keep China Away From American Farmland
9. U.S. allegations of China hacking disingenuous and self-defeating
10. In Stinging Rebuke, China Tells U.S. Diplomat That Its Rise Can’t Be Stopped
11. U.S., China square off in rare diplomatic meeting in Tianjin
12. Critics say Biden missing a chance to back freedom movement in Cuba
13. How to Avert Disaster in Afghanistan
14. A U.S. Defense Budget That Makes China Smile
15. Exclusive: Spec Ops Vets on why we must save Afghan Interpreters
16. Joe Biden’s Afghan pullout could end in tragedy
17. We’re Not Prepared to Live in This Surveillance Society
18. During Latest Exchange, China Presents US With 2 Lists of Grievances
19. The Problem with Biden’s Democracy Agenda
20. BRI vs New Quad for Afghanistan’s coming boom
21. We're Designing Ourselves to Lose
22. MC-145B Wily Coyote Special Ops Planes Will Be Able To Launch Stealth Cruise Missiles
23. Strategic Outpost’s Sixth Annual Summer Vacation Reading List