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7/25/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 07/25/2022 - 10:30am

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National Security News Content:


2. On U.S. Foreign Policy, the New Boss Acts a Lot Like the Old One

3. China's response to Pelosi's potential Taiwan visit could be 'unprecedented' but military conflict unlikely, experts say

4. The Global Food Crisis Shouldn’t Have Come As a Surprise

5. Let Pelosi go to Taiwan by John Bolton

6. Fact: Americans Are Fighting and Dying in Ukraine

7. Focusing on China Will Prepare the U.S. Military for the Future

8. Note from Nimitz: You Need Lots of Ships to Take Risks in War

9. Russia is Gaining an Indo-Pacific Foothold Through Myanmar

10. IntelBrief: Grinding War of Attrition in Ukraine as Both Sides Suffer Heavy Losses

11. Conflict Resumes in the West Bank During IDF Operations in Nablus

12. Opinion | Putin attacks Odessa and a hungry world’s hopes

13. How Unmanned Warships Might Provide A New Paradigm For Naval Shipbuilding

14. US missile sale to Australia aims fast and hard at China

15. Ties Between Alex Jones and Radio Network Show Economics of Misinformation

16. High school students in Seattle educate community on how to identify and combat misinformation

17. Analysis | The problem with ‘great power competition’

18. Ukraine wants more ‘game-changer’ HIMARS. The U.S. says it’s complicated.

19. EXCLUSIVE: Inside Ukraine’s covert operation to take out elite Wagner Group mercenaries in Donbas

20. China’s Strategy Needs Study, Not Assumptions

21. Putin’s Unexpected Challenge: Snubs From His Central Asian Allies

22. Russia shells southern Ukraine, wages propaganda war ahead of expected annexation efforts

23. China’s Gen Z Is Dejected, Underemployed and Slowing the Economy

24. Targeting the US Dollar’s Hegemony: Russia, China, and BRICS Nations Plan to Craft a New International Reserve Currency

25. Don’t Blame Dostoyevsky

Korean News Content:

1. S. Korea seeks to coordinate with U.S. over 'audacious plan' for N. Korea

2. FM says S. Korea-Japan summit feasible when forced labor issues are resolved

3. N.K. stockpile of fissile materials increased by 10 percent over past 5 years: defense minister

4. Unclaimed bodies in rivers probably came from North Korea

5. Defense contractors set their sights on European market

6. Veteran Affairs Minister has busy itinerary in Washington

7. <Inside N. Korea> Signs of a new surge of COVID-19 in N. Korea…Restrictions are intensifying again while some suggest that a new variant has hit the country

8. Don't Be Shocked if South Korea Wants Nuclear Weapons

9. N. Korea in festive mood ahead of 'Victory Day'; all eyes on Kim Jong-un's likely message

10. S. Korean, US defense chiefs to discuss alliance deterrence, readiness against N. Korea threats

11. Domestic politics presents major stumbling block to Korea-Japan relations

12. China falling, US rising as Korea's export destinations

13. 'Korea's nuclear power industry became 40% less competitive under Moon gov't'

14. N.Korea Faces Famine

15. FDD | Cyber Vulnerabilities in Medical Devices Put Patients at Risk

16. Korea to Sell 48 Fighter Jets to Poland

17. N. Korea lengthens period "party life records" for military cadres are stored

18. Pathos of Peace Protest in South Korea Arises From Its Naivete

19. The pros and cons of a nuclear South Korea

20. South Koreans offer Aussies new subs in 7 years to close Collins gap

21. How Koreans fell in love with an American World War II era personality test


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