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7/24/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sun, 07/24/2022 - 11:59am

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National Security News Content:


2. China strengthens warning to US about Pelosi’s planned Taiwan trip

3. Opinion | Pelosi’s Taiwan trip puts the Biden administration in a bind

4. Chinese military "noticeably more aggressive," Gen. Mark Milley warns

5. China’s Poor Global Image Is Undermining Its Strategic Goals

6. Lawmakers want US military advisers sent to Ukraine

7. Iran is already a nuclear weapons state: ex US diplomat warns

8. Inside the Pentagon slugfest over the future of the fleet

9.  CNN Exclusive: FBI investigation determined Chinese-made Huawei equipment could disrupt US nuclear arsenal communications

10. House intelligence committee speaks about new DNA bio-weapons

11. Taras Borovok -- "HIMARS" song (English subtitles)

12. White House’s concern over Pelosi’s visit hints at danger of miscalculation; time to ‘test Biden’s commitment’ made to China

13. Actually, the Russian Economy Is Imploding

14. Brit special forces 'helped liberate Ukraine's Snake with Bond-style submarines'

15. China’s Military Aid Is Probably Less Than You Think

16. HIMARS "game changer" in Ukraine war, Russia "in dire shape": Ex-general

17. Ukrainian intelligence suggests Putin used a body double in Iran talks

Korean News Content:

​1. USFK Commander Calls for Role Beyond Korean Peninsula

2. Korea's Fertility Rate Remains Lowest in the World

3. Seoul finalizes «bold» offer to North Korea in exchange for abandoning its nuclear program

4. South Korea emerges as fastest-growing arms exporter

5. S. Korea to lift ban on N. Korea TV, newspapers despite tensions

6. Ukraine could push Japan, S Korea to go nuclear

7. Breaking Down North Korea’s COVID Strategy

8. The cruel return of two fishermen shows why we must stand up to North Korea

9. Domestic Realities Constrain Yoon’s Foreign Policy Rebalancing – Analysis

10. South Korea's new hardline on North Korea may mean the end of its plans to build its first aircraft carrier

​11. ​N. Korean inspection of water supply yields worrying results

​12. ​11-Year-Old North Korean Vlogger Has South Korean Netizens Amazed And Worried, Here's Why.

13. USD-KPW exchange rate climbs sharply in Hyesan

​14.​ Exploring Korea: 6 ominous things you can only experience at DMZ