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7/24/2021 Korean and National Security News and Commentary

Sat, 07/24/2021 - 11:32am

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Korean News Contents:

1. North Korea seethes as U.S., South Korea plan new joint drills
2. Video: One Korea Network on Religious Freedom north Korea.
3. North Korean Oil Tanker Stops in Chinese Port in the First Recorded Visit Since 2017
4. 'Escape from Mogadishu' reenacts heart-warming story of North and South Koreans
5. North Korean defectors forced to pay more in bribes, research says
6. The rationing system is on the brink of collapse, North Korea’s food shortage is approaching a humanitarian crisis
7. <Inside N. Korea> Confusion over rising food prices continues with government forcing "lower prices." Vendors counter by refusing to sell.
8. Why North Korea is so afraid of K-pop
9. North Korea Commits Two People to Mental Institutions After Public Outbursts
10.  Repeated diplomacy bungles (China toward South Korea)
11. South Korean TV Network Apologises For Offensive Olympic Broadcast
12. Korea Faces Protracted Lockdown
13. Korea-Japan rivalry continues at Tokyo Games
14. US Working to Ease Suffering of N. Koreans in Response to Repatriation Concerns
15. Washington warns global businesses in S. Korea about legal risks

National Security News Contents: 

1. Podcast: The Indigenous Approach - Concept of Resistance: Part 2 - Resistance in the Indo-Pacific
2. Biden Loses Top Pentagon Asia Hand
3. Is Cuba’s Communist Party Finally Losing Its Hold on the Country?
4. Chinese oil companies fill void in Iraq
5. Opinion | Civilized nations’ efforts to deter Russia and China are starting to add up
6. It’s Time to Bring Back USIA
7. Opinion | Russia and China are trying to control the Internet — even as they censor it
8. The Life Cycle Of A COVID-19 Vaccine Lie
9. The U.S. Has Had 'Vaccine Passports' Before—And They Worked
10. Manufactured Whistleblowing: Data Leaks as Subversion
11. Military special operations facing 4% budget cut
12. China Blasts NBC for Using ‘Incomplete’ Map on Olympic Broadcast
13. SEALs have a new target: Congress
14. Proposed 'Hack-Back' Bill Tells DHS To Study Allowing Companies To Retaliate
15. Quad: Build Better Alliances
16. Warnings That Work: Combating Misinformation Without Deplatforming
17. A $500 Rip It? How grilled cheese and energy drinks fueled the Afghanistan withdrawal