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7/19/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 07/19/2022 - 8:23pm

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National Security News Content:


2. Amid flow of weapons to Ukraine, DefMin says black market smuggling is 'artificial' concern

3. Sabotage and War in Cyberspace

4. The West Worries Too Much About Escalation in Ukraine

5. The Quad needs a futures focus

6. Russia’s War Has Created Opportunities for Biden to Go Big

7. Senate Armed Services releases full $847 billion defense bill

8. What If the War in Ukraine Spins Out of Control?

9. How the System Was Rigged: The Global Economic Order and the Myth of Sovereignty

10. Russia Following 2014 ‘Annexation Playbook’ In Eastern Ukraine, White House Says

11. Opinion | How media coverage drove Biden’s political plunge

12. Top US general orders comprehensive review of US-China military interactions

13. Special Forces Soldiers participate in the US Department of State ATLAS program’s culminating exercise CAPSTONE

14. Ukraine destroys two military ammo depots, hurting Russian morale: Official

15. FDD | The UN Has Now Spent $81.6 Million at the Four Seasons Damascus

16. The rodeo that was the Pacific Islands Forum meeting

17. Sen. Marco Rubio: Expose Secret Chinese Communist Party Cells

18. Knocking anti-Israel bias to the mat

19. U.S. military biological activities warrant closest attention: Lavrov

20. China demands U.S. cancel potential arms sale to Taiwan

21. Nancy Pelosi’s plan to visit Taiwan prompts outrage from China

22. U.S. touts progress in hypersonic arms race with China, Russia

23. Ukraine Faces Difficulties Getting Western Weapons to Front Lines

24. U.S. Himars Help to Hold Off Russian Advance, Ukraine Says

Korean News Content:

1. Experts: Seoul, Tokyo Maintain Ties Despite Possible Japanese Military Expansion

2.  FM Park relays Yoon's will to improve Seoul-Tokyo ties in courtesy call on Kishida

3. N. Korea's Supreme Guard Command given lecture detailing Abe's assassination

4. N. Korea concentrates more resources into preparing for nuclear test

5. Daily COVID Cases Surge over 70,000 Overnight

6. N. Korea's new suspected COVID-19 cases fall below 300: state media

7. S. Korea's homegrown KF-21 fighter succeeds in 1st flight test

8. N. Korea celebrates 22nd anniv. of joint cooperation declaration with Russia

9. 4 Ways North Korea Can Counter the F-35

10. Mapping Major Milestones in the Evolution of North Korea’s Cyber Program

11. Yoon gov't to push for launch of N.K. human rights foundation

12. Lingering tensions in Panmunjom underline uncertainties in inter-Korean ties

13. New envoy for North Korean rights announced by Foreign Ministry

14. Betting all on Biden isn’t wise

15. Is South Korean Nuclear Proliferation Inevitable?

16. North Korean labour could be sent to rebuild Donbas, Russian ambassador says

17. US Disrupts North Korea Ransomware Group, Recovers Nearly Half a Million in Payments