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7/16/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sat, 07/16/2022 - 12:11pm

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National Security News Content:



3. China’s Economy Is Now In Free Fall

4​. China stands in the way of Biden’s Saudi outreach

5. Shadows in the night; Polish, German SOF train with U.S. Special Forces

6.​ Lessons from Ukraine: Exploring Technology for SOCOM’s Urban Missions​

7. The Five Laws of Disinformation

8. John Spencer is a world-renowned expert on urban combat. Here’s how he thinks the war in Ukraine is going

9. ‘A Real Chilling Effect’: A Lefty Scholar is Dumping CAP — For AEI

10. Ukraine Gets First M270 Multiple Launch Rocket Systems

​11. ​Plan To Train Ukrainian Pilots On U.S. Jets Passed By House Of Representatives

​12. ​Opinion | What Biden Got Right on His Trip to the Middle East

​13. ​Beijing’s Propaganda Support for Russian Biological Warfare Disinformation, Part 1: Accusations Concerning the War in Ukraine

​14. ​Beijing’s Propaganda Support for Russian Biological Warfare Disinformation, Part 2: Historical Context and Contemporary Motivations

​15. ​Opinion | What Biden Got Right on His Trip to the Middle East​ (NY Times Editorial Board)​

​16. ​Western ‘dictator envy’ ignores the far greater strengths of democracy

​17. ​'Bang, bang': Children live and play near Ukraine front line

​18. ​Worst Is Yet To Come: When The Center Does Not Hold – OpEd

​19. ​Jordan Peterson Is Wrong About Russia, and the West

​20. ​West Point alumni accuse academy of 'anti-American woke political indoctrination' in letter

21. Biden administration warns of criminal drone threat to Americans

​22. ​It's time to root out white supremacists in the military and law enforcement

Korean News Content:

​1. House highlights importance of U.S. Forces Korea in passed budget bill

2.  Conversation with COL (Ret) Dave Maxwell, Potential for North Korea Influence & Information Campaign

3.  [Washington Talk] Photos of North Korean defectors repatriated to North Korea released 'shock and astonishment'... Accelerating trilateral cooperation between the United States and Japan

4. N. Korea's new suspected COVID-19 cases fall below 500: state media

5 S. Korea's new COVID-19 cases hit 66-day high at 41,310

6. Could South Korea make the Quad a Quint?

7. 3 Lessons from the Russia-Ukraine War for the South Korea-US Alliance

8. ‘I couldn’t sleep,’ defector says of images of North Koreans resisting deportation

9. [INTERVIEW] Teaching and learning from North Korean defectors

10. Crimes Against Humanity Continue Unabated In North Korea - Will Kim Jong-Un Face Justice?

​11. ​U.S. official warns against hiring N. Korean IT workers posing as 3rd country nationals

​12. ​Intelligence on the Civil Servant Killed by North Korea Deleted from Defense Ministry’s Network, the 2 Defectors Sent back to North Korea After the Blue House Abruptly Halted Investigation

13. State-sponsored hackers are launching 'sustained' attacks on journalists

​14. ​Microsoft links Holy Ghost ransomware operation to North Korean hackers

​15. Kim Jong-Un Slams Ukraine For Joining US' Illegal Actions In Past

​16. ​The United Nations Command Needs a Korean Deputy Commander