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7/15/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Fri, 07/15/2022 - 9:12am

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National Security News Content:

2. We Will Kill Them Again': As Russia Advances, Ukrainians Dig In
3. Ukrainian Resistance
4. With Few Able and Fewer Willing, U.S. Military Can’t Find Recruits
5. Fewer Military Families Would Recommend Uniformed Service, Survey Finds.
6. A retired US general says Russia's 'weakness' prevents it from advancing to make 'meaningful progress' in Ukraine
7. Are Western Special Operations Forces in Ukraine?
8. Solomon Islands PM rules out China military base and says Australia is ‘security partner of choice’
9. Beijing’s 'list diplomacy' bedevils U.S.-China relations
10. Critical minerals could become a geopolitical weapon
11. Could ISIS Make A Comeback?
12. Biden Is Fighting the Wrong Battle Against China
13. Great-Power Competition Is Bad for Democracy
14. The BA.5 Wave Is What COVID Normal Looks Like
15. Initial transfer of US Special Forces to rural base in Germany in the works
16. The US in the Pacific: delivering on commitments or déjà vu?
17. Biden needs to share intel, get out of the way and let Israel end Iran nuclear threat
18. Troops’ use of TikTok may be national security threat, FCC commissioner says
19. Is imperialism negotiable?
20.  House passes defense authorization with new arms transfers restrictions
21. Pentagon: Hill added $58 billion to current defense budget
22. Gaps in Arms Supplies to Ukraine Point to Countries’ Divergent Strategies
23. The Uvalde shooting video: A 30-year law enforcement officer provides a minute-by-minute breakdown of what happened
24. Ukraine destroys second Russian ammo dump with U.S.-supplied HIMARS missile
25. Ukraine's new US rockets are causing fresh problems for Russia

Korean News Content:

1. 2019 repatriation of N.K. fishermen not unusual: DP lawmaker
2. Three questions remain over repatriation of North Korean fishermen
3. South Korea Is Turbocharging Its Arms Sales Business
4. North Korea reclassifies escapees to South Korea as ‘traitorous puppets’
5. North Korea’s guidance department works to ensure loyalty of citizenry
6. Letter to Korean’s President Yoon Seok-Youl, following the release of photographs of the repatriation of two North Korean fishermen to North Korea on 7 November 2019. – David Alton
7. South Korea seeks to kickstart talks to resolve historical feuds with Japan
8. North stands by decision to recognize two pro-Russian separatist states in Ukraine
9. Ex-NIS chief banned from travelling abroad over probe into handling of North's killing of fisheries official
10. N. Korea holds key Cabinet meeting on this year's national economic goals
11. N. Korea's new suspected COVID-19 cases under 600 for 2nd day: state media
12. S. Korea's new COVID-19 infections continue doubling on-week to near 40,000
13. S. Korea's Navy creates aviation unit tasked with bolstering maritime security
14. S. Korean FM to make 3-day trip to Japan next week
15. S. Korea to deploy around 20 more F-35A fighters by 2028
16. Yoon and the Future of Korea-Europe Relations
17.  U.S. Lawmaker Condemns Forcible Repatriation of N.Koreans
18. N. Korea could conduct one or two more weapons tests during military's summer training period
19. Hoeryong factory officials face trial for inflating performance 
20. Propaganda Takes a Worrying Turn on the Korean Peninsula