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7/14/2021 Korean and National Security News

Wed, 07/14/2021 - 10:56am

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Korean News Table of Contents:

1. Biden Administration Foreign Policy Tracker: Early July - Korea
2. Cheong Wa Dae reports 1st coronavirus infection among its staffers
3. N. Korea says its food production down to 10-year low in 2018
4. N.K. propaganda outlets decry calls to abolish gender ministry, keeps mum on scrapping unification ministry
5. Labor union of unification ministry voices 'strong regret' over calls to scrap ministry
6. Moon still hoping for summit with Suga: Blue House
7. Gov't leaflet defense is pooh-poohed abroad
8. Monument in Benin has North Korean fingerprints
9. Reserve training canceled on COVID-19 surges
10. No signs that North Korea plans to demolish South Korean structures at the Mt. Kumgang tourism zone
11. Kim Jong Un grapples with the worst crisis in his reign so far: A crippled economy, no COVID-19 vaccines and food shortages
12. Coronavirus Has Arrived in North Korea: Pray You Never See That Headline
13. North Korea Is a Chemical Weapons Superpower Thanks to VX
14. China’s Overrated Role in Korean Peninsula Problems
15. In Seoul center, N Korean defectors find solace with locals
16. North Korea is making married women build cement blocks so it can complete a border wall with China in the next 3 months, report says
17. Is South Korea Going Global? New Possibilities Together With the Biden Administration
18. Lessons from South Korea’s approach to tackling disinformation
19. An Uprising of Despair in Cuba


National Security News Table of Contents:

1. Biden Administration Foreign Policy Tracker: Early July
2. A dozen of Biden’s national security nominees are on hold in the Senate
3. Warren Extracts Agreement for Nominees to Refuse Defense Industry Work for 4 Years
4. Ending Chaos in Haiti Is Not a Job for U.S. Troops by James Stavridis
5. JSOC’s former top enlisted soldier is one of 60 ‘Black Hawk Down’ award upgrades
6. Information Warfare Looms Larger in Russia’s New Security Strategy
7. Japan’s new defense whitepaper issues warnings over Taiwan’s security, climate change
8. Kristi Noem’s National Guard Deployment Is America’s Future
9. On the Eve of Destruction
10. Give combatant commanders the tools to innovate
11. Interpreting Sun Tzu: The Art of Failure?
12. China’s Belt and Road won’t readily reach Afghanistan
13. Cuba Doesn’t Know How to Handle the New Protests
14. Opinion | The War That Made Our World
15. Israeli tech sets yet another record, raising $11.9 billion in H1 of 2021
16. Iranian intelligence agents plotted brazen abduction of Brooklyn dissident journalist, U.S. prosecutors say
17. A new US-Europe rare earths supply chain is using a “very Chinese model” to counter China
18. FDD | Matthew Pottinger Named Chairman Of China Program At Foundation For Defense Of Democracies
19. National security and cybercrime: This is not your grandpa's battleground
20. Is the internet the most potent radicalization tool ever invented?
21. Xinhua Commentary: U.S. poses gravest threat to peace in South China Sea
22. Why has Cuba exploded in protests? It goes beyond the U.S. embargo and the pandemic
23. ‘The White House is finally paying attention’: Cuba’s protests force Biden’s hand
24. ‘There’s No Turning Back:’ Cuban Dissidents Feel Emboldened Despite Crackdown
25. An Uprising of Despair in Cuba