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7/1/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sat, 07/01/2023 - 10:09am

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, June 30, 2023

2. Poor planning under Trump, Biden led to chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal, report says

3. China-Taiwan Weekly Update, June 30, 2023

4. A Warrior's Goodbye: A Heartfelt Sendoff Hosted for Legendary Green Beret and 'National Hero' Billy Waugh

5. National Archives concludes review of JFK assassination documents with 99% made public

6. Military Marks Half-Century of the All-Volunteer Force

7. Why won’t China Admit that it’s Competing with the United States?

8. The Ukrainian Nuclear war of 2023 and its Aftermath

9. Don't Ask Ukraine to Lose the War for 'Peace'

10. Pentagon to filmmakers: We won’t help you if you kowtow To China

11. CIA director, on secret trip to Ukraine, hears plan for war’s endgame

12. Michael G. Vickers Is Worried About the Future of American Power

13. How China’s Overseas Security Forces Differ From Wagner

14. To Foreign Policy Veteran, the Real Danger Is at Home

15. This Day In History: “Mr. X” article on Soviet Union appears in Foreign Affairs

16. Opinion | The American Empire in the Fog of Ukraine

17. Biden Abroad: The Moral and Material Collapse of U.S. Foreign Policy

18. Milley: Measured pace of Ukraine’s counteroffensive not a surprise

19. China TikTok figure fingered in ‘deepfake’ anti-U.S. Russian soldier videos

20. Treasury Sanctions Russian Intelligence Officers Supervising Election Influence Operations in the United States and Around the World

21. Biden Administration Foreign Policy Tracker: July

22. Humans Aren’t Mentally Ready for an AI-Saturated ‘Post-Truth World’

23. Gen. Milley warns US military must modernize now

24. Navy SEALs Seek New Tech for Covert Missions

25. In Japan's Backyard, Russian Navy Warship 'Knocks Out' Anti-Ship Cruise Missile With Air Defense Missile

26. [Wang Son-taek] US-China dialogue sheds light on a new global order

27. Fears for people and firms as China’s new anti-espionage law comes into effect

28. China uses laser for 10 times faster satellite-to-ground communication in major breakthrough

29. Raytheon Calls Up Retirees to Help Produce Weapons for Ukraine

30. Poland Wants To Host NATO Nukes To Counter Russia

Korean News Content:

1. Biden Administration Foreign Policy Tracker: July KOREA

2. Unification Minister nominee: I do not advocate coercive assimilation for unification

3. Roughend up rhetoric of President Yoon

4. N. Korea says 'no intention' to review Hyundai Group chief's bid to visit Mt. Kumgang

5. Recently returned Kim Yong Chol may focus on earning funds for regime

6. Could a Wagner-style rebellion happen in North Korea?

7. Unification Minister nominee Kim lays out his Pyongyang roadmap

8. Outside Information: One of the Keys to Empowering North Korean Citizens as Agents of Change

9. Kim Jong Un’s clampdown on those caught using 'I love you', South Koreans words

10. SPECIAL/Defector calls for more sanctions on North Korea over human rights abuses

11. Kim Jong Un Visited Theme Park After Meeting Team Trump: Report

12. New EarlyRAT malware linked to North Korean Andariel hacking group

13. Fixing South Korea’s military service pay gap is a strategic imperative

14. Uneasy calm prevails at Korean Demiliterised Zone

15. Why K-pop is like pro-wrestling