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7/11/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 07/11/2023 - 8:00am

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National Security News Content:

1. Erdogan links Turkey’s European Union bid to Sweden’s NATO hopes

2. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, July 10, 2023

3. Wagner Leader Prigozhin Met With Putin Days After Aborted Russian Revolt

4. Biden Is Right on Cluster Bombs for Ukraine (WSJ Editorial Board)

5. Opinion | The Flawed Moral Logic of Sending Cluster Munitions to Ukraine (NY Times Editorial Board)

6. Turkey Agrees to Support Sweden’s NATO Bid, Clearing Main Obstacle

7. Tuberville holds on military nominations hurting readiness against China, says Deputy Defense Sec

8. Iran, Russia, and the Challenges of “Inter-Pariah Solidarity”

9. Charting the Military’s Path Across the Technology Valley of Death Using Bar Napkin Math

10. Chinese Women Economists Who Met Yellen Called Traitors Online

11. Opinion  With the counteroffensive underway, 12 charts show the latest from Ukraine

12. Opinion | Ukraine in NATO? My heart says yes. But my head says no. by Max Boot

13. Opinion  How the Biden administration sealed the Sweden deal with Erdogan

14. Winning friends by training workers is China’s new gambit

15. Special Operations News Update - July 10, 2023 | SOF News

16. Opinion | NATO Isn’t What It Says It Is

17. Wagner fighters neared Russian nuclear base during revolt

18. Videos - SWCC: Making an Operator | SOF News

19. RTX Head Greg Hayes Says US Can’t Decouple From China But Can “De-Risk.” Biden Gets It, But Some Big Companies Don’t.

20. How China Exports Secrecy

21. The Rapid Rise of Threads Appears to Be Hurting Twitter


Korean News Content:

1. U.S. congressional delegation sings 'American Pie' for Yoon in Lithuania

2.  Kim's sister warns U.S. military will face 'very critical flight' in case of 'repeated intrusion'

3. U.S. urges N. Korea to halt escalatory actions following EEZ violation accusation

4. Korea, NATO upgrade partnership, stress security cooperation

5. China urged not to repatriate North Korean refugees (Plus Lee Jung Hoon named Chief of Unification Advisory Committee)

6. [ANALYSIS] N. Korea's threats against US spy plane aimed at boosting internal cohesion: analysts

7. North Korea Unsettles Kishida Government

8. China's adroit tactics toward Korea

9. Nuclear power renaissance (ROK)

10. Kim Yo-jong's reference to South as 'Republic of Korea' may indicate change

11. (Yonhap Feature) N. Korean defectors say ordeal in China worsened due to COVID-19 pandemic

12. From trauma to training - new lives for North Korea’s defectors

13. Korea sees next 5 years as critical to recover birth rate

14. Civic coalition behind mad cow protests is now leading Fukushima protests, ex-activist claims