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6/6/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 06/06/2024 - 8:25am

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National Security News Content:

1. D-Day 80th anniversary: A look at the paratrooper mission in Normandy
2. “The Rule of LGOPs” (Little Groups of Paratroopers) (applied)
4. Inside the Navy’s slick effort to find workers to build submarines
5. Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III Concludes Tenth Visit to the Indo-Pacific
6. Now Is the Worst Time to Abandon NATO
7. Biden’s Foreign-Policy Problem Is Incompetence
8. Evolve or Die: Army Special Operations Integration as a Catalyst for Necessary Change
9. Don't expect an Indo-Pacific NATO anytime soon
10. What the West Can Learn From Singapore
11. Airman Earned an Air Force Cross. His Name Remains Secret.
12. Is There a Revolution in Military Affairs in Ukraine?
13. Xi Calls for More University Exchanges With US to Boost Ties
14. Hamas Has Reinvented Underground Warfare
15. War Books: Inside Ike’s Mind on D-Day
16. D-Day's Bodyguard of Lies: Intelligence and Deception in Normandy
17. Opinion | The Pentagon is learning how to change at the speed of war
18. Inconvenient Alliances: How Hamas Killed Progressivism
19. Russia’s Mercenary-Industrial Complex in Africa
20. US Defense Secretary Austin’s chief of staff to step down this summer
21. The US needs more China hands
22. Kenya's Mission in Haiti Opens New Chapter for U.S. Security Strategy
23. 494. “Sixth Domain” – Private Sector Involvement in Future Conflicts
24. How to Lead an Army of Digital Sleuths in the Age of AI
25. ‘We Are the World Power.’ How Joe Biden Leads
26. Why the ancient philosophy of stoicism is having a modern revival

Korean News Content:

1. South Korea and Japan Cement Bilateral Security Ties
2. US flies long-range B-1B bomber over Korean Peninsula in first live munitions drop in 7 years
3. South Korea ramps up DMZ security
4. South Korean group floats anti-North balloons over the border
5. Are We Anti-Kids? A Deep Dive Into South Korea's Plummeting Fertility Rate
6. Yoon says S. Korea will never overlook N. Korea's 'despicable' provocations
7. Defector group sends leaflets to Pyongyang; no signs of N.K. provocation detected
8. South Korea preps new antimissile weaponry to counter North’s arsenal
9. Hanwha begins fighter jet engine development, aiming for world's 7th self-sufficient nation
10. Putin 'highly appreciates' S. Korea's position not to directly supply weapons to Ukraine
11. Effectiveness of anti-NK leaflets called into question
12. Scrapped military agreement (Korea)
13. Hamas Has Reinvented Underground Warfare