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6/6/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 06/06/2022 - 9:26am

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National Security News Content:

2. China winning entropic warfare in Pacific Islands
3. West Point superintendent slated to lead US Army Europe and Africa
4. Opinion | This is no time to hesitate in Ukraine
5. Russian General Reported Killed in Ukraine
6. Putin Can’t Keep Russian Mothers Silent Forever
7. How the Air Force Plans to Kill the A-10 Warthog
8. With US distracted, Tehran and Beijing tighten embrace in the Middle East
9. What If Ukraine Wins?
10. US re-entry into Somalia aims at Russia, China
11. How the West miscalculated its ability to punish Russia
12. DoD-commissioned study finds major shortcomings in civilian talent management
13. Why China Threads the Needle on Ukraine
14. Beyond Weapons: Time for a New U.S. Strategy on Taiwan
15. FDD | Iraq Attacks Israel; What Should Happen Next?
16. Special forces pick Black Cape for platform-agnostic artificial intelligence (AI)-driven military data storage
17. Rebooting the Arsenal of Democracy
18. Russia strikes Kyiv, promises more attacks if U.S. supplies long-range missiles to Ukraine
19. Chinese Influencer’s Ice-Cream Pitch Inadvertently Introduces Fans to Tiananmen Square Massacre
20. Opinion: Here's the reason people tell me they want to buy an AR-15. And it's simply ludicrous
21. Dust Off That Dirty Word Detente and Engage With China
22. A flare up in China’s deliberate pattern of aggression
23. Romanian Special Operations Forces In UF PRO MultiCam
24. Has the Tide Turned in Ukraine?
25. Cornel West’s pragmatic America

Korean News Content:

1. U.S. and South Korea respond to North Korean launch with 8 missiles of their own
2. N.K. media outlets remain silent about missile launches
3. Yoon vows firm and stern response to any N.K. provocation
4. Allies fire 8 missiles in show of firepower against N. Korea's latest provocation: JCS
5. Yoon Suk-yeol talks tough to North at Memorial Day ceremony
6. A dramatically different response (by ROK.US alliance)
7. Yoon's plan to attend NATO summit causes stir
8. ‘IPEF not about choosing between US, China’
9. Gov't in talks with USFK about return of Dragon Hill Lodge site in Yongsan
10. Deputy Secretary of State Sherman arrives in S. Korea for discussions on N.K.
11. Yoon invites Cheonan survivors, relatives of the dead
12. N. Korea warns that a major crisis point in the COVID-19 outbreak could come in June or July
13. South Korea has nuclear subs firmly in its sights
14. China warns Canada over air patrols on lookout for North Korea sanctions busting
15. A view from the demilitarized zone dividing the Koreas
16. The dramatic moment a brave mother fled her North Korean hell