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6/5/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 06/05/2023 - 11:18am

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, June 4, 2023
2. No survivors found after plane that flew over DC and led to fighter jet scramble crashes in Virginia
3. Sonic boom heard across D.C. region caused by military flight, Md. officials say
4. Florida Businessman Says ‘Entire Family’ Was on Crashed Plane Behind D.C. Chaos
5. Navy SEAL training commander speaks out after scathing report on ‘shattering’ candidate death
6. Marines release specs for high-tech next-gen combat utility uniform
7. Exclusive: Ukraine has cultivated sabotage agents inside Russia and is giving them drones to stage attacks, sources say
8. Chinese Next-Generation Psychological Warfare
9. Fleet’s material condition keeps getting worse, new INSURV report says
10. Marines Will Restructure Infantry Battalions by September
11. Special Operations News Update - June 5, 2023 | SOF News
12. Army Seeks Bomb-Carrying Drones Like Ukraine’s
13. We Argued About Admitting Ukraine to NATO in 2008. Now We Agree on It.
14. Taiwan’s Imported Wolf Warriors – OpEd
15. Blinken says no Ukraine cease-fire without Russia’s withdrawal
16. World's spy chiefs meet in secret conclave in Singapore
17. US defense secretary discusses upgrading ties with India to counter China
18. United States-Japan-Australia Trilateral Defense Ministers' Meeting (TDMM) 2023 Joint Statement
19. Secretary Austin Concludes India Visit
20.  Pentagon draws ire of lawmakers over war crimes evidence sharing
21.  An Unwinnable War: Washington Needs an Endgame in Ukraine
22. EXPLAINED: Russia Claims to Have Repelled ‘Large-Scale Ukrainian Offensive’, Rumors of Counteroffensive Swirl
23. Ditching USD is an escape from sanctions and aggression
24. BRICS Raging Against the Dollar Is an Exercise in Futility
25. Did Shangri-La give birth to a new Quad?
26. US in an ill-conceived turn to neo-mercantilism
27.  A Strait Too Far: How a Deliberate Campaigning Approach in the Pacific Can Make Beijing Think Twice
28. Li Shangfu: War with US would be unbearable disaster, says China defence minister

Korean News Content:

1. S. Korea voices regret over N. Korea's threat to forgo prior notice for future satellite launch
2. S. Korean, U.S. veterans of Korean War to reunite in Seoul ahead of 73rd war anniv.
3. S. Korea launches upgraded veterans ministry
4. Yoon vows to take care of overseas Koreans in ceremony launching new agency
5. Framework to share information on N.K. missiles in real-time
6. Public support for domestic nuclear weapons wanes despite growing threats
7. Top US nuclear envoy warns N. Korea will pay 'consequences' for escalating tensions
8. Mutual success of Yoon-Kishida partnership will contribute to lasting success of Korea-Japan ties
9.  China owes Korea much explanation
10. North Korea forces exhausted soldier-laborers to keep daily diary
11. N. Korea orders higher ed institutions to submit proposals to expand cooperation with foreign universities
12. Being a civil servant in N. Korea means having the “right background”
13. When and why did Koreans go from anti-American to pro-US?
14. Is It Ideology Or Expediency Behind Emerging Russia-China-North Korean Axis Against Backdrop Of Ukraine War? – Analysis


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