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6/5/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sun, 06/05/2022 - 11:33am

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National Security News Content:

2. Special Operations and Diplomacy: A Unique Nexus
3. Taliban Faces Threat From Islamic State, New Resistance
4. First female B-52 squadron commander talks legacy in new role
5. American spy agencies review their misses on Ukraine, Russia
6. Wars don’t end for abandoned American allies
7. Gina Haspel Observed Waterboarding at C.I.A. Black Site, Psychologist Testifies
8. Russia hits Kyiv with missiles; Putin warns West on supplies
9. Al-Qaida enjoying a haven in Afghanistan under Taliban, UN warns
​10. Opinion | We Can’t Be Ukraine Hawks Forever
​11. ​‘Napalm Girl’ and the enduring power of media myths
​12. ​Wheels coming off Tesla’s China drive
13. The Great Collusion: How Big Defense Took Over The White House – OpEd
14. U.S. Warship Arrives in Stockholm for Military Exercises, and as a Warning
15. Ukraine’s volunteer ‘Kraken’ unit takes the fight to the Russians
17. Exercise Baltic Operations kicks off in the Baltic Sea
18. At Raleigh event, Fort Bragg official outlines renewable energy efforts
19. China’s spies are not always as good as advertised
20. Op-Ed: Why does the Pentagon give a helping hand to films like 'Top Gun'?
21. The dirty little secret on how congressional staff thrive in the always-on world of modern politics is doing moonlight work like 80-hour weeks, including unpaid Saturdays and Sundays
22. ‘The Wire’ Stands Alone

Korean News Content:

1. N. Korea fires 8 short-range ballistic missiles toward East Sea: S. Korean military
2. Yoon orders strengthening of S. Korea-U.S. extended deterrence
3. N. Korea's total fever cases surpass 4 mln amid antivirus fight
4. S. Korean, U.S. nuclear envoys discuss N. Korea's missile firing
5. With Backing of Washington and Tokyo, Seoul Presses North Korea More Aggressively
6. Activists Demand South Korea Press North on ‘Enforced Disappearance Convention’
7. HRNK Event: Never Forgotten: South Korean POWs Held in North Korea
8. National Security Council convenes over N.K. missile launch
9. Ruling party chief says Ukraine seeks large amount of assistance from S. Korea
​10. Question of nuclear test looms after North launches eight missiles
11. IPEF, Korea and the China factor
​12. ​Yoon-Kishida summit likely in Spain
13. Tensions mount on Korean Peninsula
14. Four B-1B Bombers Appear At Andersen AFB In Guam
15. No further provocations
16. [Washington Talk] "North Korea's 'economic hardship' deepens... What is the intention of the ‘Nuclear Test Card’?”